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HP EliteDisplay S240UJ Comes With A Wireless Charging Base
Monitors used to serve one purpose back in the day, and that was to display information. However with the plethora of monitors that we can choose from these days, manufacturers are certainly stepping up their game by introducing new features and functions that make their monitors more than just mere displays.

HP Elite Slice Is HP’s Answer To The Mac Mini
The Mac Mini is probably one of the overlooked computers offered by Apple, probably because in terms of looks and features, there’s really nothing to shout about. However it is compact which means that it’s great to bring around with you, or move from room to room, or if you just want a computer in the living room.

HP Has Made A Laptop Screen That Protects You Against Spying
There are countless advantages of working on a laptop, portability being one of them, but there’s one issue that exists with just about every computer. You have no expectation of privacy if someone can just walk up right behind you and take a look at the screen. It’s another matter if you have your back to the wall and know that nobody can creep up on you, otherwise preventing over-the-shoulder […]

HP Unveils Omen X Gaming Desktop PC
Building your own gaming PC is usually the cheaper route, although we guess the only downside is that in terms of after-sales service you’re pretty much on your own. Another disadvantage is that sometimes PC makers have the resources to craft designs for their gaming rigs that most regular users won’t be able to replicate.


HP Updates Its Stream Line Of Notebooks
For those shopping about for an entry-level laptop, you guys could go for Chromebooks which for the most part, have been friendly on the bank account. However if Windows is what you’re after, HP might have the answer for you. The company has been putting out its Stream series of notebooks for years, and its lineup has recently been updated.

HP Unveils The Powerup Backpack That Can Charge Your Laptop
We’re not sure what is up with HP and backpacks these days, but it looks like the company has recently taken the wraps off their latest creation, the Powerup Backpack. On the surface the backpack doesn’t look like much and is pretty standard as far as backpacks are concerned, but hidden under the hood is where the magic is.

HP Launches Backpack That Charges Laptops
Wouldn’t it be great if you were carrying around your laptop in a backpack and knew that it was being charged while you were out and about? A solution like this would certainly be very useful for professionals and students alike who would like to be as mobile as possible while having the full power of a PC at their fingertips. HP saw the potential here and created a backpack […]

HTC And HP Could Soon Collab On Vive-Ready PCs
One of the problems with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive is that it requires users to have a semi-powerful PC in order to run it. This might be an issue for some gamers who might not know what they need to get, but it looks like HTC and HP could soon help you make an informed decision.

HP's Windows 10 Mobile Powerhouse Starts Shipping August 29th
We first saw HP’s powerful Windows 10 Mobile handset at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year in February. The company didn’t confirm back then when this handset is going to be released. Recently the price for the HP Elite x3 was spotted on the company’s website but it was later pulled. HP has now confirmed how much this Windows 10 Mobile powerhouse is going to cost and when it’s […]

HP Elite x3 May Cost $800 In The U.S.
The HP Elite X3 is a Windows 10 Mobile-powered productivity powerhouse that the company unveiled back in February this year at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. It has still not been released in the United States though it’s likely that the release could take place in the coming months. The price for this handset was briefly available on HP’s official website before it was taken down, it appears […]

HP Launches Its First 11 Inch Touchscreen Chromebook
The HP Chromebook 11 G5 has been launched today, it’s the first 11 inch Chromebook from HP to feature a touchscreen display. Chromebooks tend to be cheap notebooks and that’s the case with this new one as well. It’s priced below $200 and is great for budget conscious consumers who don’t mind relying on a cloud-based operating system. Chromebooks are also very popular among students.

HP Laptop Battery Recall Announced Due To Overheating
HP has announced that a new laptop battery recall is now underway owing to the notebooks being at the risk of overheating. The latest recall covers the HP Compaq, HP ProBook, HP ENVY, Compaq Presario, and HP Pavilion notebooks that were sold across the globe from March 2013 to August 2015. Those who purchase any of these notebooks during the time period defined should reach out to HP to get […]

AMD A-Series Processor Gen7 Launched
At Computex 2016, AMD has just launched its latest A-Series PC processors with integrated graphics. Known under the codename “Bristol Ridge”, the new line of products has been designed with a TDP (thermal design point) of 15W and tuned to deliver a much higher performance than previous generations (there’s a 35W version too). In fact, AMD has been pointing out that it made a 56% CPU performance improvement since 2014 […]

HP Unveils Omen Backpack PC For Mobile VR Gaming
Recently HP unveiled a new series of gaming laptops under the Omen X branding, but apparently that’s not all the company has up their sleeves. It seems that HP is also working on a backpack PC that will allow gamers to play virtual reality on the go, or at the very least allow them to enjoy VR without having to be tethered to a stationary PC.

HP Launches New OMEN Gaming Notebooks
HP announced a couple of new OMEN gaming laptops today, the notebooks have been built with gamers in mind and they deliver high-performance that they require. HP’s OMEN portfolio spans multiple price points to meet the various needs of gamers today. Later this summer HP is also going to introduce the Omen X platform for gamers who want even more performance with “enthusiast-level” customization options.

HP EliteBook 1030 Premium Notebook Launched
HP today introduced a new premium notebook called the HP EliteBook 1030. It has been positioned in between the company’s EliteBook Folio and EliteBook 1040 premium notebooks, and is aimed at customers who want versatility and mobility of a smaller notebook but would rather have one with a larger display. This new notebook is based off of the EliteBook 1020 which has performed very well for HP in the market.

HP's All-Metal Chromebook Has Arrived
HP’s latest Chromebook is a stunner. It comes with respectable specifications packaged in an all-metal body which lends a premium look and feel to the Chromebook. It also happens to be the first Chromebook to be powered by Intel’s Core m Skylake processors so it also boasts pretty decent specifications. HP introduced this new device at an event earlier today at Google’s New York office.

HP Making A Chromebook With VR Support
A new report suggests that HP has a new Chromebook in the pipeline that comes with some very impressive features. The Chromebook is said to have support for VR and may also have a touchscreen, USB Type-C charging and more. HP hasn’t commented on the report as yet so take the information with a grain of salt for now.

HP Spectre X360 15 Review (2016)
Pitched by HP as a (literally) flexible computer with an “exquisite craftsmanship”, we were curious to see how the HP X360 15.6” felt like in the real world and if it could live up to the legend. We took it for a spin at Mobile world Congress – there’s nothing like a real world situation such as a trade show coverage to see what a laptop is made of. In […]

Stunning HP Spectre Is The 'World's Thinnest' Laptop
HP today announced the new HP Spectre which it claims to be the “world’s thinnest” laptop. It has a CNC machined aluminum chassis that’s as thin as an AAA-battery at just 10.4 mm. The laptop features a full HD 13.3 inch edge-to-edge display with Bang & Olufsen sound and Intel Core i5 and Core i7 process options to deliver superior performance. The new laptop is unlikely anything in the company’s […]