Hulu Plus

Like many other online video streaming services that let people subscribe for a monthly fee to view content on-demand, Hulu Plus is moving along quite nicely. At last count it had more than nine million paying subscribers which in itself is a 50 percent growth in subscriber base from the previous year. Given its performance one wouldn’t think that Hulu Plus would go anywhere any time soon, well it is going so to speak, Hulu Plus has been rebranded and it has dropped the “Plus” in the process.

In an effort to make its brand much simpler Hulu has decided to just call its premium service Hulu instead of Hulu plus, but it looks like this might end up in creating more confusion than actually making things easier for people.

Hulu provides its services under two tiers, there’s a free option and then there’s the premium subscription based option. Previously the former was used to be called Hulu and the latter Hulu Plus.

The “Plus” was the easiest way of differentiating between the two Hulu services but now though the company has followed through on the plans it announced back in April and brought both services under the one Hulu moniker.

Nothing else is going to change about the service, it will remain service as usual. Just don’t be surprised if you stop hearing about Hulu Plus all of a sudden because from now on it will simply be known as Hulu.

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