Great empires have come and gone – the Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Mongols, and British, they’re no longer the force that they used to be (with many of them defunct), and since history repeats itself, the world eventually might go down the dangerous path of self destruction – and the tool of choice this time around would be Hulu Plus. After all, aliens are behind the sinister plot to ground our planet to a halt with entertainment, always looking for newer and more sinister methods of transforming human brains into delicious, alien-nourishing mush, and Hulu Plus fits the bill perfectly, as humans are now able to obtain their popular current season TV shows on their favorite devices, at their own convenience. The “Huluboratory: Extra Mushy Edition” is a 60-second version of its Super Bowl commercial which is guaranteed to help you feel as though you’ve just lost some IQ points. All in the name of fun, and the creative juices behind Super Bowl ads have most of the time been impressive to say the least. [Press Release]

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