Jimmy Kimmel Convinces People That A $20 Casio Watch Is The iWatch

Jimmy Kimmel, the late night talk show host and comedian has once again taken to the streets on Hollywood Boulevard, tricking people into believing that the product he shows them is something else. We’ve seen Kimmel do this with devices like the iPad mini where he convinced customers it was the iPhone 5s. He also managed to convince people that the iPhone 4S was really the iPhone 5.

HUVr’s Hoverboard Video Turns Out To Be A Prank

Funny Or Die is Sorry for Lying about Hoverboards from HUVr Tech Yesterday we reported on a video that was making its rounds on social media. The video basically showed off a hoverboard that looked like the real deal, but at the same time our sharp-eyed readers and many others have commented that it looks like the people in the video were strapped to a harness to mimic the effects […]

DHL Trolls Its Rivals Into Advertising For Them [Humor]

When you order your gadgets and have them shipped to you, chances are you might end up using a courier service like DHL, TNT, UPS, and the likes. Well it seems that DHL might have a pretty cheek streak about them, a side to the company that maybe many did not know about as they pretty much pranked competing delivery companies into advertising for them. How did they do it, […]

Conan O’Brien Turns Down Microsoft CEO Job Offer

After what seemed like a pretty long and exhaustive search, with many candidates rumored, Microsoft finally decided upon a new CEO for its company post-Steve Ballmer and also decided to hire from within when they chose Satya Nadella. However it seems that at one point in time, the Redmond company did consider comedian and late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, who revealed that little tidbit on a post on […]


Hilarious Video Pokes Fun At Google’s Attempt To Force Google+ Onto Everyone

Google’s attempt at a social network of their own resulted in Google+. While there is nothing inherently wrong with Google+, safe to say many are already comfortable with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter where they might have already a loyal following and a page/account all setup the way they like it. This however has not stopped Google from trying to get everyone to hop on board their social […]

Jimmy Kimmel Tricks Passersby With Fake Scentee, Hilarity Ensues

In the past, television talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel has taken the mickey out on the public by making them think that Product A is actually Product B, like how they tricked people into thinking the iPad mini was the new iPhone. Well it looks like he’s back with a new episode of Lie Witness News and this time he tries to convince people of a certain iPhone […]

Calculator Unboxing Video Parody Is Hilarious

Unboxing videos are something of a tease, where you get to see someone tear open a brand new gadget without you experiencing any of the joy yourself. On the upside it lets you know what you can expect in the box, so you know if your box might have left out one accessory, or if it is different from what’s in the videos. We have created several unboxing videos ourselves […]

Tech Ad Parody Video Is Hilarious

Over the past couple of years we have seen a variety of advertisements tech companies have released for their products. While each advertisement takes a different route, they do have a certain “theme” to it and it is this theme that the folks at College Humor have decided to parody. For instance they poke fun at how a majority of these ads seem to rely on indie rock music, or […]

New Google Chrome Ad Spoofed By Microsoft

Right on the heels of a very successful Google I/O conference during which Google has shows on stage that Chrome was becoming as good on mobile as it is on desktop, the company also launched a new television ad that I’ve seen a couple of time on live TV since. It is true that with 750M active users, it’s hard to argue that Chrome isn’t experiencing a meteoric rise. However, shortly […]

April Fools Compilation

In the latest round of April fools, a number of high-profile companies have worked hard to make us smile at the office. We’ve selected our favorite gags of the day (with a tech twist obviously!) and while Google gets a commendation for being very prolific, others have done great April Fools gags too, here are our favorites, in no particular order: Virgin Glass-Bottom Plane The title says it all, really, […]

Woman Discovers Cheating Fiance While Browsing Street View On Yandex Maps

Google Maps’ Street View is a pretty handy way to get a better idea of the location, identify landmarks and so on, but as it turns out, it can apparently be used to catch cheating partners as well. Marina Voinova, a woman from Russia, accidentally found out that her fiancé was cheating on her while using Russia’s version of Google Maps, Yandex Maps. She was trying to look up an […]

A Glimpse Into How Google Glass Will Be Used By Guys

After seeing what Google expects its Project Glass to be capable of, we’re sure it’ll make its way to your holiday wish list when it releases later this year. But a good majority of you probably won’t use it for such adventurous purposes, instead, there’s a good chance it’ll be used in just your everyday lives. A short video created by Dartanion London takes a look at what a typical man […]

iPod Engraving Might Not Have Gone The Way This Customer Planned

You know how when you buy Apple products online, you get the option of having it engraved? I think it’s safe to say that for the most part, most people tend to skip the engraving option unless it’s a gift. However according to an account on Reddit, he did not want any engraving and said so in the textbook where the engraved message should go. We’re not sure if he […]

Obama and Romney get into a fight at the White house [+video]

Catchy title, right? Well, it actually describes exactly what President Obama and hopeful Mitt Romney are doing in this new video game by Chair Entertainment, powered by the Epic Unreal Engine (yes, that’s the Infinity Blade engine). The free app is called “VOTE!!!” and it has been designed at the right time. Now that the gloves are off on the political stage, voters of both party can actually take action […]