After seeing what Google expects its Project Glass to be capable of, we’re sure it’ll make its way to your holiday wish list when it releases later this year. But a good majority of you probably won’t use it for such adventurous purposes, instead, there’s a good chance it’ll be used in just your everyday lives.

A short video created by Dartanion London takes a look at what a typical man would do if he were to use his Google Glass on a first date. Of course, when asked about our glasses, we would start off by saying that they are, in fact, to help us see better, but then use them for purposes that aren’t exactly ideal for a first date situation. Looking up your date’s information to get the upper hand, feigning interest in what she likes as well as sneaking a photo to be ogled at later in your private quarters probably rank high on any man’s list.

Let’s just hope whoever you end up using your Google Glass on doesn’t have a Siri as she’ll certainly block your efforts.

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