ibeacon-131206Apple’s iBeacon technology was revealed in WWDC 2013 and according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Apple has more details about the technology that they are planning on sharing at WWDC 2014. They also state that Apple will be placing iBeacon transmitters across the Moscone Center that will help teach developers on how to better implement the technology in their apps and services.

Unfortunately apart from that, not much else is known about what Apple has planned for the technology. It is assumed that the upcoming announcement could be about Apple unveiling possible partnerships with companies that would use their technology. While it might not be unveiled yet, perhaps we could learn more about Apple’s plans for their own mobile payment services.

So far we have seen how iBeacon is used in various industries. For example we have seen how iBeacon is used by airline companies, used in retail stores to help guide shoppers around the shop, and even used in video games. For those unfamiliar with iBeacon, it’s basically a piece of technology that allows iOS devices to communicate with beacon devices via Bluetooth.

For example when you enter a store, the beacon will pair with your iOS device to notify you of sales. It has been suggested in the past that supermarket aisles could sport individual beacons that would notify shoppers that about discounts about particular products. Earlier this year, CES 2014 organizers used iBeacons during the event to conduct a scavenger hunter.

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