nokia_lumia_india_dataNokia, while offering up high-end devices like the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 1020, are actually doing well with their low-end products, namely the Lumia 520 which has gone on to sell pretty well in emerging markets such as India. However a smartphone without internet seems a little restricted, but unfortunately data plans can be quite costly in certain markets but it looks like Nokia is trying to do something about it, at least as far as their customers are concerned. Over in India Nokia has launched a program in which they partner up with different carriers in the country to offer up free mobile data to Nokia customers.

This program covers both Nokia’s Lumia lineup as well as Nokia’s Asha offerings. Of course this offer is not permanent as the free data is usually for one month, but admittedly it’s still a pretty good move on Nokia’s part as it helps encourage customers to get their hands on a smartphone, and what better smartphone than one that comes with free data, right? What do you guys think? Is this a smart move on Nokia’s part?

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