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Fujitsu Broadcast Engagement Tracking Platform
Fujitsu is working on a product that it hopes will attract broadcasters worldwide: a cloud service that can measure the spectator’s emotion in real-time. There are several components to “sense” the user emotion. Classic ways to do it is by monitoring social network signals – a lot of players are already doing this. However, Fujitsu would ideally like to put a camera in homes to see people’s faces and analyze […]

Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 7 15TB Storage
While roaming the InterBee 2015 floor, I spotted the new 15TB Fujifilm LTO data tapes which are used for “cold storage” (archiving) by many companies, including Google. Ultrium 7 doubles the capacity of the previous Ultrium 6 product (6.5TB). Fujifilm says that Barium Ferrite (BaFe) magnetic tapes can achieve extremely high data density because of low noise to signal ratio.

Gururi360 Capitalizes on 360 Video and VR Rise
YouTube has launched VR videos recently, but the rise of 360 videos is creating new business opportunities. At Interbee 2015 (Japan), I met with a company that specializes in building 360 and VR tour for various customers such as local government, entertainment venues or even industries. For example, I’ve been told that manufacturing plants “tours” were in very high demand.

Cerevo LiveWedge iPad-controlled Broadcast Station: Hands-On
Video content is hard to produce, but “live” video content is arguably even more difficult, especially if you are on a tight budget. Typically, you would need the ability to mix several cameras/video-sources and output the end result to an HD stream or to a flash storage device. Either way, the setup can get complicated pretty quickly, especially if there is real-time transcoding involved at some point in the workflow.


$78000 High-End Canon 50-1000mm Lens: Eyes-On
While I was roaming the floor of Inter Bee 2014, a high-end broadcast trade show in Japan, I spotted a demo camera equipped with Canon’s latest monster 50-1000mm lens which was announced a little less than one month ago under the “Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom” name. Although it also exists in Canon EOS EF mount (as well as PL), this is a lens primarily designed to shoot movies […]

Atomos Shogun Add-On 4K Recorder Now A Product
Earlier this year, there was a lot of excitement about the upcoming arrival of an external 4K video recorder that could connect directly to an HDMI output from a camera like the Sony A7s or the Panasonic GH4: the Atomos Shogun 4K was then shown as a pre-production prototype. 4K Enthusiasts were waiting for something like this because using an external 4K encoder gives extra options in terms of battery […]

JVC Kenwood GY-HM200 4K Camcorder: Eyes-On
Launched just days ago, the JVC Kenwood GY-HM200 4K Camcorder makes an appearance at Inter Bee 2014, a huge broadcast trade show in Tokyo. If you missed the initial launch information, this camcorder is designed to be relatively “affordable” (I say relatively because it’s still $3000 or so). I haven’t been able to test the video quality under controlled conditions, but the demonstration on-site was pretty convincing.

Japan’s NHK Demonstrates 8K 3D Video Demo
At Inter Bee 2014, NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai, which means “Japan Broadcasting Corporation”) has demonstrated a 8K 3D 4mn live action video. I know that 3D has somehow fallen out of grace of regular consumers, but I thought that 8K I would check this one out because it’s the first time that such a video is shown, and I thought that the extra resolution would help address some of the […]

Mirai Speaker Tunes Sound To The Elderly
Japanese company Soundfun is experimenting with a new speaker that outputs sounds in a way that can be more easily perceived by older people. Unfortunately, most people over the age of 60 will develop some kind of hearing loss. This is commonly known as presbyacusis in medical terms, and the symptom is that people slowly lose the ability to hear high-pitch sounds which are very important, especially to listen to […]