Waze For iOS Updated With Support For Siri Shortcuts

If you use Waze on your iPhone, you might be interested in the latest update to the app in which it finally adds support for Siri Shortcuts. What this means is that with Siri Shortcuts, users will be able to record shortcuts for their drive home, drive to work, drive to their favorite locations, and more, all with a simple voice command to Siri.

More Indoor Maps Added To Apple Maps

When it comes to mapping apps that can help you find your way around a new city, there are plenty of apps out there to choose from, such as Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and so on. However sometimes there are some buildings that are so vast and foreign that you can get lost in them, which is where indoor mapping plays a big role.

US Lawmakers Are Questioning Apple Over FaceTime Bug

Bugs are common in software. Sometimes they are relatively harmless, but sometimes they can be huge. A recent example would be Apple’s FaceTime bug where the caller can listen in on the person they’re calling while making a FaceTime call, and that person would not even need to pick up their device, scary isn’t it?

iOS 12.2 Could Block Web Access To iPhone’s Motion Sensors

Apple has been steadily building privacy-related features into its Safari browser on mobile. For example previously they had built in protection that prevented users from being tracked across websites, much to the dismay of many advertisers, and it looks like an upcoming feature in iOS 12.2 could further annoy advertisers.


Newton Mail Makes A Surprise Return To The App Store

Last year popular iOS email client Newton Mail announced that it would be shutting down. This was a bit of a bummer given how many people used the app and enjoyed what it had to offer. The developers were later acquired by Essential where it was unclear as to what would become of them.

Apple Apologizes For FaceTime Bug, Says Fix Will Arrive This Week

As you might have heard, there was a recent discovery of a particularly severe FaceTime bug which allowed the caller to listen in on the person they were calling without that person having to answer the call. Apple has since disabled the Group FaceTime feature while they work on a fix, and have since issued an apology.

WhatsApp Now Supports Face ID And Touch ID Locking

Most of us use some form of access control on our devices, be it a fingerprint or PIN, but if you’d like to have an additional layer of security for WhatsApp on your iOS device, you can now lock it with Face ID or Touch ID. The available method will obviously depend on the kind of iPhone that you have since Face ID isn’t available on legacy models.

Microsoft Is Looking To Bring Xbox Live To Other Platforms

Just like how Sony and Nintendo have their own online platforms and services for their consoles, so does Microsoft with its Xbox Live service. Each of these services are exclusive to their own console, but it seems that Microsoft is hoping to expand it by bringing in onto other platforms like iOS, Android, and even the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft Outlook’s New Design Is Rolling Out To All iOS Users

Last year Microsoft announced that they would be revamping the design of its Outlook app on iOS. The roll out of the updated designed was a bit slow at the start, but now it seems that the update is available to all. This is according to a tweet by Michael Palermiti, Microsoft’s product lead for Outlook on iOS.

Google Also Found Offering A Data Collection App

It’s no secret that Google is collecting a ton of data on us. The more we use its services, the things we search for, the videos we watched, all of this is used to find out things about us which is then used for targeted advertising. However it seems that Google might have actually gone one step further with an app called Screenwise Meter that offered rewards to users in […]

iOS 13 Could Come With A System-Wide Dark Mode

With the latest version of macOS, Apple introduced dark mode to its desktop operating system. Dark mode seems to be a trending feature in the recent years where many are starting to appreciate the ability to give apps a darker look to make it less glaring. The good news is that it looks like the feature could be coming to iOS as well.

Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over Group FaceTime Bug

Recently there was a report about a Group FaceTime bug that allowed users to listen in on others without their knowledge. Apple has since temporarily disabled the feature, but unfortunately that is not enough because in a report from Bloomberg, Apple has since been hit with its first lawsuit over the issue.

Developer Warns Siri Shortcuts Could Steal User Information

With iOS 12, Apple introduced Siri Shortcuts which was basically the company’s take on the Workflow app that they had previously acquired. Siri Shortcuts allows users to create shortcuts for certain actions, kind of like macros. The best part is that anyone can create a Siri Shortcut and share it with others.

Facebook Paying Users To Install VPN App That Gathers Personal Data

Early last year, a report from TechCrunch revealed that Facebook had been trying to promote its VPN client which actually tracked and gathered information about the user. The app was later removed from Apple’s App Store. However a new report from TechCrunch has revealed that Facebook is trying again, this time by paying users to install a VPN app called “Facebook Research”.