Icon Found In iOS 12 Beta Hints At iPad With Slimmer Bezels, No Home Button

Now that Apple has ditched the home button for the iPhone and is expected to do that for future models moving forwards, we can imagine that the same will eventually be done to the iPad. However when exactly that will happen remains to be seen, but could that future be closer than we think?

Apple Claims 4 Million People Have Participated In Their Software Betas

For the longest time ever, Apple has typically kept its software betas limited to developers. However in the recent years, Apple has since opened up its betas to the public where anyone can download the beta for either iOS or macOS to take it for a spin to check out new features and to give Apple some feedback.

Chinese Media Accuses Apple Of Not Doing Enough To Filter Illegal Content

If someone decides to use YouTube to post illegal content, whose fault is it, or rather who does the onus fall onto to prevent something like that from happening? Many have criticized YouTube in the past for allow such content to surface, and it looks like YouTube is not alone because over in China, Apple is facing similar criticisms.

Facebook’s Mobile App Will Now Feature Personalized Navigation

Everyone uses Facebook differently. Some use it primarily for social purposes, such as keeping up with friends and family, while others use it for business, or some might even use it for shopping. Facebook understands this and in an announcement, the company revealed their plans to redesign their mobile app’s navigation bar.


6.5-inch iPhone X Plus Could Feature iPad-Like Landscape Mode

One of the rumors for 2018’s iPhones is that Apple could be looking to introduce a larger 6.5-inch model. However it seems that the change won’t just be in its display size, but also some of its software functionality where due to its larger size, it could support iPad-like landscape mode.

Dual SIM iPhones Hinted At In Latest iOS 12 Beta

For those who travel, having a phone that supports dual SIM is a great idea because not only does this mean one less device to bring around, but it also means that they can still receive messages and calls on their other number while using their new SIM card. Unfortunately this is something that iPhone users have had to live without for the past decade or so.

Latest iOS 12 Beta Confirms HomePod’s Ability To Make Phone Calls

A report from earlier this month revealed that in a private beta testing of HomePod OS 12, it was discovered that Apple could be getting ready to launch a feature for the HomePod in which it would support making phone calls. For those wondering about it, you’ll be pleased to learn that the reports were true.

Fortnite On iOS Has Been Downloaded More Than 100 Million Times

We know that Fortnite has been enjoying a lot of success since its release on iOS. Last we heard, the game managed to make $100 million to date and is reported to be earning as much as $2 million a day. It also seems that the game is in no danger of slowing down, according to the latest figures by Apptopia (via VentureBeat).

Google Maps For iOS Updated With ‘Match’ Restaurant Recommendations

One of the features Google rolled out to its Android version of Google Maps in June was the “match” feature. Basically this let users set their preferences when it comes to their favorite food and drinks, and Google Maps will know what kind of restaurants or bars that it should recommend to users around them.

Latest iOS 12 Beta Reveals AirPods Wireless Charging Case

One of the new products that Apple announced last year came in the form of the AirPower wireless charging mat. Based on photos, the wireless charging mat would allow users to charge devices like the iPhone, the Apple Watch, and also the AirPods, although the latter would require a separate wireless charging case.

Microsoft Edge Gets Visual Search On iOS Devices

Safari on iOS devices is a pretty decent native browser, but we imagine that there are some users who might prefer third-party options such as Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge due to their ability to sync with their desktop counterparts (assuming you’re using Windows). The good news for iOS users is that it looks like Microsoft is giving its Edge browser a bit of an upgrade.

Fortnite Is Reportedly Earning $2 Million A Day On iOS

While Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale was already somewhat popular before it launched on mobile, it seems that its release on iOS catapulted it to the next level where last we heard, the game had made $100 million from its iOS release alone. Now according to the latest data from Sensor Tower, it seems that Fortnite is pulling in $2 million a day from the iOS version of the game alone.

YouTube Testing New ‘Explore’ Tab On The iOS App

One of the features of Instagram is the Explore section on the app where users can find posts that are either popular or that Instagram thinks they might like based on accounts they follow. This is a good way of discovering new posts. Now it looks like YouTube could be taking a page out of Instagram’s book.

iTunes Credit Card Fraud Being Investigated In Singapore

It is understandable that customers might be apprehensive when handing over credit card details to a company online. However given that a lot of shopping and purchasing does take place over the internet these days, there’s really not much choice, although to be fair many companies take active steps in trying to protect the details of their customers.