The Apple VS Epic lawsuit has more or less come to an end. Neither side truly won because for the most part, the judge’s ruling didn’t really change anything, save for one key aspect which would essentially force Apple to allow developers to redirect users to alternative payment platforms and websites.

This would allow developers to skirt around paying Apple their 30% cut, which is a pretty huge amount especially for apps that are raking in millions of dollars a month. However, it seems that despite Apple prevailing on nine out of the ten counts that were brought up in the lawsuit, the company is now hoping for a total and utter victory by appealing the last count.

In the appeal, Apple says, “Apple is carefully working through many complex issues across a global landscape, seeking to enhance information flow while protecting both the efficient functioning of the App Store and the security and privacy of Apple’s customers. Striking the right balance may solve the Court’s concerns making the injunction (and perhaps even Apple’s appeal itself) unnecessary.”

It’s strange that Apple is trying to appeal this, especially since as part of an antitrust settlement in Japan, Apple will be allowing developers of reader apps to include a link that takes users to an external website to manage account information. Apple also stated that this would be applied to apps all around the world, not just Japan.

However, the ruling in the US is more encompassing compared to what Apple had agreed to in Japan, and presumably that is the issue Apple is taking. In the meantime, Apple isn’t alone in trying to appeal the decision as Epic had previously announce their plans to appeal as well.

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