iPad 2

Crayola Trace & Draw from Crayola and Griffin hits the iPad 2
You might want to get your kids started off on the right footing with technology such as tablets, but sometimes, they might end up using your tablet as their primary gaming device, adding to more Angry Birds downloads in the process. Why not give them something different to occupy their time – with the Crayola Trace & Draw accessory and app combo for instance?

Apple iPad dispenses change in a different role
We all know what a versatile device the iPad can be, but who would have thought that it could actually dispense money to customers? That’s exactly what happens when Revel Systems teamed up with Telequip in order to find a way to increase the efficiency of restaurants as well as their revenue thanks to the presence of automatic coin dispenser machines that have the iPad as its heart, no less. […]

Maide transforms iPad into a 3D controller
Looking for a 3D controller in the market? Somehow or rather, you know deep down inside that a device like the iPad as well as its successor, the iPad 2 is able to qualify for such a role. Maide Control will harness the power of you iPad, using it almost exclusively for input that will certainly go a long way in enhancing the potential richness of the interface. 3D design […]

Facebook for iPad update released
Facebook, the social networking giant who has a billion active user target in sight, has just rolled out an update to its iOS application that will have iPad owners hold hands and dance around in a jig at Steve Jobs memorials – after all, native iPad support is being introduced with this particular updated. This update was originally reported by the New York Times back in June, where it was […]


Camera Boost 2 for iPad 2 released
Remember the photo-enhancing app, Camera Boost that was released way back in April? Well, its developer has rewritten the app and pushed out a major update for it today. Bringing the app up to version 2.0, it introduces a whole bunch of new features that weren’t available before. So what’s new? Well, first up Camera Boost 2 now uses a brand new video processing engine that works even faster and […]

GhostGuitar app lets you play air guitar... for real
Most of the time when we play air guitar, it’s because we’re listening to a song with a catchy riff or solo, and we can’t help but just pretend to play along to it. Even though no sounds come out from our hands it’s still quite a fun activity. Well, what if I told you that you can create music by playing air guitar? No, it doesn’t involve any magic […]

KaraKustoms machined case for iPad 2 looks sleek and sturdy
There are plenty of cases available on the aftermarket for iPad 2 tablets and they all have one goal in common: to keep your tablet protected, and some do a better job than others but sacrifice its looks in doing so. Well, the folks over at KarasKustoms – a company that specializes in machined products for use with Apple devices, have just got a custom-made case for the iPad 2 […]

Hitachi Maxell announces "Air Voltage" wireless charger for the iPad 2
If the idea of charging via cable is of huge inconvenience for you and sounds messy, Hitachi Maxell has announced what they’re calling the “Air Voltage”, which combines a wireless charging pad together with a jacket that has been designed to allow the iPad 2 to be charged wirelessly.

M-Edge SuperShell case for the iPad 2
Looking for a kind of protective case for your iPad 2, but can’t quite decide on the model of choice? Perhaps you would do well to check out what M-Edge has in store with their SuperShell case that comes in a shock-absorbent foam frame which will wraps your shiny new tablet lovingly in order to prevent any unwarranted damage from drops and rough play.Using nothing but ultra-protective closed-cell foam, the […]

Belkin Snap Shield Secure, Emerge 024 help keep iPad 2 safe
Belkin knows that you treasure your spanking new tablet that you just purchased online or at a brick-and-mortar store – apart from populating the tablet with all of your favorite apps and games, there is something else that most people would do – which is, to purchase the right kind of accessories for it, with a screen protector as well as a protective case. Belkin intends to coax you into […]

Griffin TechSafe Case for iPad 2 now available
Paranoid about your iPad 2 being stolen when you’re not looking or every time you walk out of the room? Well, Griffin Technology has got the case just for you. Called the TechSafe, this case for the iPad 2 ensures that you’ll never have to worry about your tablet being stolen. In addition to protecting the iOS tablet from the usual bumps and scratches, the TechSafe also has a security […]

iLuv unveils new series of WorkStation accessories for the iPad 2
iLuv, a company that is well known for putting out iOS accessories has unveiled several new iPad 2 accessories, such as the iMM737 “The WorkStation” and the iLuv iMM517 WorkStation Pro, with the former sporting a wired keyboard and a posable mount, while the latter makes use of a Bluetooth keyboard and will feature a speaker dock as well.

TRTL BOT The Shell for iPad 2 up for pre-order
Looking for a multi-functional case to put your iPad 2 into? Well, the folks over at TRTL BOT have come up with a new case called The Shell, and it’s designed to be functional, eye catching, and protective all at the same time. Featuring a slide out/foldable handle, The Shell lets you hold the iPad 2 easily with one hand, which is great for those times you have to walk […]

iPad 2 comes to China with 3G this Wednesday
Having read about a girl who decided to sell her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4, just what do you think the price would be when the iPad 2 that sports 3G connectivity is released in China when Wednesday rolls around? I too wonder just how much the kid would regret for picking up a non-3G iPad 2 after selling his kidney if he knew a 3G version of […]