iPad 2

Qantas testing out iPads for use as inflight entertainment
Tablets are starting to make their way as into our flights, with United Airways opting to replace their heavy flight bags with the iPad, and now it looks like Qantas will be turning to the iPad for use as inflight entertainment.

Gone in 60 Seconds: iPad edition
OK, so there is no “Eleanor” in this high tech version of Gone in 60 Seconds – but it is still no laughing matter even though the haul of carted away iPads amounted to “just” $60,000. Yes sir, the authorities in Florida are on the lookout for three men who decided to hitch away $60,000 worth of iPads from a Best Buy early this morning. Needless to say, the surveillance […]

iPort announces LaunchPort inductive charger for iPad 2
Interested in some inductive charging for your iPad 2? If the idea of inductive charging sounds good to you, and with the added bonus of it being a wall mounted inductive charger feels like icing on the cake, iPort may have something for you with their LaunchPort wall mounted inductive charger for the iPad 2.

G-Form Extreme Edge launched
If you’re into dropping your iPad or tossing it around the room, you’re in luck because there’s a case just for that. In case you haven’t heard about G-Form before, it is a company that specializes in extreme sports padding equipment and has taken its talents to the tablet market to create protective cases for the iPad (and similarly-sized tablets). With extreme tests on video to show the effectiveness of […]


Apple pressured to reveal iPad sales figures to prove they were affected by Samsung
The fierce patent infringement lawsuit between Apple and Samsung is still going on, with Apple claiming that Samsung infringed upon its patents and designs for their Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphone products. While that may or may not be the case (that’s for the lawyers to argue out and for the judges to decide), as to whether these alleged infringements are impacting Apple’s iPad sales are now being called into […]

Makayama Movie Mount for iPad 2
Given how the iPhone 4’s camera is so popular, it’s weird that the iPad 2 did not feature a camera that is just as good. While there is without doubt that people use the iPad 2 for photographs and movies, we don’t think that the overall quality would end up seeing iPad 2 made movies in our cinemas as blockbuster hits, but company Makayama has decided that there is a […]

Sky Go trolley lets you watch sports while shopping
How big of a sports fan are you? Would you consider yourself a sports fanatic to the point where you have to watch sports wherever you go and are always checking the scores on your smartphone? Well if you live in the UK, the next time your wife asks you to follow her to the supermarket, you can surprise her by agreeing without any fuss.

Police warn of iPad scam in Texas
If you’re living in Grand Prairie, Texas, or plan on visiting, police are warning those in the area to keep an eye out for a scam involving Apple’s iPad. Given the popular nature of the iPad 2, it’s really no surprise that there would be scams involving the tablet, although we think that with this scam it’s kind of a no-brainer that you would be able to avoid it.

Louis Vuitton foldable iPad cases now available
Louis Vuitton is probably best known as a luxury fashion brand, as opposed to a maker of iPhone and iPad accessories, but that hasn’t stopped the fashion house from churning out one accessory after the other, and given that their accessories usually exude a sense of classiness, we imagine that there are quite a few out there who probably appreciate it.

The Trooper ClamCase for the iPad 2 now available
A few months ago we wrote about The Trooper – a sleek-looking Star Wars Stormtrooper-inspired external wireless keyboard case for your iPad 2 that turns it into a “laptop”. The case was slated for a summer release, and just as promised – it is now on sale. Other than the aesthetics of The Trooper, it appears to be an updated version of the ClamCase.For users who want to improve their […]

School in UK to offer iPad 2s to students
It’s no secret that technology has enriched our lives and made things a lot more convenient, for example removing the need for flight bags on airplanes, which adds unnecessary weight to the plane, and while tablets being used in schools aren’t exactly new, it’s still a good indication that we’re on the path where we will one day only need to bring tablets to school, instead of a heavy bag […]

Amazon's upcoming tablet to be "hundreds less" than iPad 2? (Rumor)
Amazon has plans to launch several new Android tablets, perhaps in a bid to compete against other Android tablets, but perhaps a bigger fish is in Amazon’s sights with Apple’s very own iPad 2, which many consider to be the tablet to beat.

iPad 2s given out to Tampa Bay Buccaneers
If you’re looking for more proof that technology has managed to integrate itself into our lives, football team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have all been given an iPad 2 each, or to be more specific, 90 iPad 2s have been distributed to each and every one of their players.

iLuv Cushion Multi Case for the iPad 2
iPad cases are usually designed to provide some form of protection against accidental drops or bumps. In some cases (pun not intended) it has been designed to withstand cars running over them or drops from heights of several meters, while others have been created for its design while providing the bare minimum protection i.e. scratches and light knocks.