iPad 2

ClamCase releases all-white iPad 2 keyboard case
Some of us may remember that Apple used to sell the MacBook laptop. This MacBook laptop utilized a plastic unibody case and was a cheaper alternative to aluminum unibody MacBook Pro. Then Apple introduced the MacBook Air, and when its price started to match the MacBook, Apple decided to drop the MacBook from their line. If you miss the white unibody design of the MacBook, perhaps you can relive those […]

G-Form enclosed iPad survives a 1,300 foot drop
G-Form has recently released a video where they showed off how tough their cases are, and it looks like they have taken it to a new extreme by dropping two iPads while skydiving, essentially making that a drop of about 1,300 feet. Since we’re here talking about it, it’s obvious that both iPads managed to survive the drop.

Speck iGuy keeps your iPad safe
If you have kids who love to play with your iPad, you probably have some fears about them mishandling the tablet and damaging it. Most of the time, a regular leather case won’t be able to do a good job protecting the device, but it looks like Speck has the solution to your problems with its new iPad case called the iGuy. Made out of a soft and squishy case, […]

tyPad 2 is another Bluetooth keyboard case for your iPad 2
If you’re in the market for a keyboard case for your iPad 2, Accessory Workshop has recently updated their Bluetooth keyboard case with the tyPad 2. It pairs with your iPad 2 via Bluetooth 3.0 and is said to have been designed with a team of iPad experts, and is “student-tough”, by that we assume it will be able to endure the rigors of daily, not-so-gentle usage.


Knock off Smart Cover only costs $6
Own an iPad 2 and love the smart cover, but don’t see yourself spending the $39 needed just to get one? Well, the next time in China, you might want to look out for a Smart Cover knock off from a company named PBPEI. The folks over at micdigi.com recently got their hands on the imitation iPad 2 accessory, and were surprised at how well it worked. In fact, the […]

Soulo wireless microphone brings karaoke to the iPad 2
If you love singing your lungs out much to the chagrin of your neighbors, then you might want to check out this particular piece of karaoke software. We’re talking about the Soulo wireless microphone that is destined for the iPad 2, where it merges the functionality of a wireless microphone alongside an app which will transform your entire music library into an impromptu song list to entertain yourself (not too […]

DigiTech iPB-10: the world's first iPad-programmable guitar pedal
The iPad is a device that’s capable of many things – not only through usage of apps, but especially when paired up with external hardware. Many musicians have started using the tablet in their work due its versatility: there are just so many things you can do with it. Well, it’s time to add one more to the list: programming a guitar pedal.

Apple rumored to release two iPad tablets next year
We’re reaching the end of the year, and it’s time for all the new iPad rumors to start surfacing again. This time we’ve got a new one from DigiTimes. The Taiwanese industry insiders recently reported that according to their sources (who are from the upstream supply chain) – Apple will be releasing two iPad tablets next year.

ZooGue's Double iPad case for the multitasker
We’re not sure how many people out own two iPads, and need to use both at once, but we’re guessing that there definitely exists that minority. Perhaps one iPad is for work while the other is for personal use, who knows, but the good news for that minority is that there’s finally a casing that has been designed to hold two iPads at once, meaning you won’t have to lug […]

SKINNY is a slim iPad 2 keyboard case
Want the productivity of a physical keyboard on your iPad 2 tablet but don’t want to deal with the hassle of carrying a bulky accessory around? The folks over at Hatch & Co. have come up with a solution in the form of “SKINNY”. The first product from the new start-up company, SKINNY is a “stylish faux leather iPad 2 case that also integrates the world’s slimmest and lightest wireless […]

iPad 2 knock-off packs more RAM and runs Android
While Shenzen products are usually poor copies of the original, once in awhile they’re pretty decent like this iPad 2 clone from a tablet maker named Grefu. Looking like an iPad 2 on the surface, it’s far from Apple’s prized creation main on the inside. The tablet packs a 1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, an SD card reader, optional 3G, rear 3-megapixel camera, front […]

Apple updates iPad 2 Smart Covers
We know there are certain users who there who are extremely particular about their gadgets, such as color of accessories and whether they match with their wallpaper and etc. Well the good news is that Apple has decided to go with consistency and has updated their line of Smart Covers for the iPad 2, losing and adding a new color along with some minor changes that make it look more […]

iStroll Kid meant for baby strollers
Adults are not the only ones who fall head over heels in love with the iPad 2 – after all, this is like the best selling tablet ever since the, er, iPad. Kids too, don’t mind taking their parents’ iPad out for a spin, so why not figure out a win-win situation if you’re under the ‘parents’ category? Enter the iStroll Kid – a unique peripheral that enables parents to […]

Smart Cover unlock trick for iPad 2
The Smart Cover might not be so smart after all, and Steve Jobs might be rolling in his grave should he hear of a security flaw with his beloved iPad 2 – it seems that all it takes to unlock the iPad 2 without having to know the passcode would be a Smart Cover. Apparently, this case that sports magnets is capable of accessing a bunch of the tablet’s subsystems […]