iPad 2

Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard and Joystick for iPad announced
Logitech has announced two new accessories for the iPad that work on the opposite ends of the spectrum – one of them will increase your productivity with the tablet while the other will improve your gaming experience. First up we have the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for the iPad 2. Suited for folks in the office or in the class room, this funky case turns your iPad 2 into a deployable device, […]

Restaurant in New York completely replaces menus with iPad 2
Don’t you just hate it when you go to a restaurant, place your order with the waiter, and after emphatically conveying to the waiter three times that you do not want parsley in your salad, it comes covered with the stuff?

British Airways cabin crew receive iPads for inflight service aid
First, we have word of British Airways (BA) offering iPads for their passengers’ amusement and entertainment, perfect for those long haul flights especially when you’ve more or less watched all the movies that are being shown. Well, the airline is now involved in a trial that concerns the iPad 2 as an aid to inflight service.

MountMe Freedom II for the iPad 2 now available
Remember the MountMe Freedom iPad case we covered back in February? Well, the versatile case mount that was designed for the original iPad is now available for the iPad 2. Functioning in the same way as the original MountMe Freedom, the new MountMe Freedom II has been specially designed to hold the iPad 2’s slimmer body, camera and speaker. The original mounting accessories are all there – the four suction […]


Evidence in Apple vs Samsung case questioned?
I am sure that most will be familiar about the news where Apple managed to get an injunction against Samsung in most of the EU, thus preventing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being sold for now. Naturally Samsung was a bit miffed about this, and thanks to what appears to be the evidence Apple used against Samsung, we now know why.

Essential TPE releases Glatt stylus and Iro case snapsnap for the iPad 2
While we understand the need for styluses back in the day due to touch screens not having multitouch capabilities, using a stylus on an iPad seems a little silly given the multitouch gestures available for the device. However we have to admit that styluses offer up better precision which can be handy when editing pictures and photographs. Accessory make Essential TPE is offering just such a stylus along with snap-on […]

Composite lets you remix your surroundings with an iPad 2
Bored of regular photography apps that don’t let you show off your true creativity on the iPad? After all, there are only so many times you can use the same filters and effects until you get bored right? Well, an artist named James Alliban who was inspired by the neo-dadaist collages of Robert Rauschenberg recently released an app that lets users “paint” their own photographs.

iPad 2 to face more delays again?
It wasn’t too long ago when Apple was plagued by iPad 2 shortages which were allegedly caused in part by LG Display, who shipped a batch of faulty displays that apparently caused light leakages. Slowly but surely Apple managed to get things back on track and have recently managed to bring down their estimated shipping time back to 24 hours, but it appears that it might have only been a […]

Louis Vuitton Zipped Tote bag for your iPad
If you recall, we have written about the Louis Vuitton iPhone casing and there’s actually an iPad casing by Louis Vuitton as well but the Louis Vuitton iPad tote bag brings a bit more practicality with it along with a heart stopping price tag.

iPad 2s and iPhone 4s smuggled into Hong Kong in a creative way
Love or hate Apple, you’ve got to admit that they create insanely popular products that seem to blend extremely clever marketing and innovative products, which is why it’s really not surprising to find out that there are people out there who have been creating fake Apple products or attempting to smuggle them into the country and making a quick and tidy profit. While the concept of smuggling isn’t exactly new, […]

Thought Out's Stabile Pro stand for the iPad 2
A while ago we reported on the iLuv Art Station Pro speaker dock for the iPad which essentially transformed your iPad into an iMac looking device. At that time it was probably the closest thing we could find to an iMac lookalike but not anymore, at least not with the Stabile Pro iPad stand by Thought Out.

Rage HD might go free for a week if its Facebook page gets 100k "Likes"
Just the other day we reported that Rage HD was being optimized for the iPad 2 and brought with it several new features, such as the ability to have 1080p HDMI video out along with the options of enabling an analog thumbstick control as well as being able to shake your device to activate your melee attack.

Twitter HTML5 web app for iPad launched
If you use Twitter on an iPad and you’re somehow not a fan of the native iOS app on the phone, Twitter has some good news for you. Yesterday the microblogging social network announced that it has launched the HTML5 web app version of the app for the iPad. This follows the launch of the HTML5 web app for the iPhone and iPod touch a few months ago.The web app […]

Rage HD optimized for the iPad 2
Remember id Software’s hit iOS game – Rage? Well it looks like John Carmack and his boys aren’t quite done with it yet, and have offered a new update to the game so that it is now more iPad 2-friendly. The latest update to Rage HD includes some new features that make the game more worthwhile for iPad 2 users. Rage HD, now at version 1.21, features 1080p HDMI TV […]