The phone booth is such a classic icon, not only used by Clark Kent to change into his Superman outfit in, or to film the movie, or to take photos with, but has also been one of the more iconic “structures” that people would use to identify with Britain. In a fusion of the old and the new, Prof. Michael Shaughnessy decided to convert the phone booth into something a little more modern than its predecessor by integrating Skype into it.

Those of the younger generation probably never had the need to use a phone booth before what with 10 year old these days getting their own cell phones so why not bring the phone booth up to speed with a modern twist, making the phone booth “cool” once more?

What the good professor did was install an iPad 2 with WiFi into the phone booth and thanks to the Pan & Tilt Vesa Arm it would be able to accommodate users of different heights and along with Skype that had a World Unlimited Account, it allowed his international students to place calls back to their own country along with video chat as well.

In Prof. Michael Shaughnessy’s own words:

“I had a blast converting it. It serves a good function as our students use our international unlimited account a lot to call home, and now they have a bit more privacy. I was just lucky to find this local guy with a ‘Red Box’ booth, which is about 40-50 years old. … A perfect addition to our language lab, I think.”

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