Magic tricks with the iPad and iPhone never cease to amaze me, and with the Invisibility app, while technically not really that much of a magic trick, sure makes a pretty good party trick, or perhaps to give you an edge in those endless “Apple vs Android” debates. At the very least we’re expecting your Android friends to put down their tablets and wow over the app for at least a couple minutes or so, before resuming the debate.

The app makes use of the iPad 2’s camera and the built in gyroscope to create the illusion of invisibility, although it looks more like transparency, no thanks to the black bezel surrounding the iPad 2. When the app is launched, all the user would have to do is “paint” the screen with his/her fingers, and the results would be mimicking the background of wherever your iPad is placed, as pictured in the photo above.

The gyroscope comes in use when you’re moving and turning your iPad about, keeping the perspective of the background displayed on your iPad’s screen consistent with the actual physical background. A rather novel app which will only set you back 99 cents, which we’re thinking should be worth a couple of laughs and also for the wow-factor. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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