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iVictrola phonograph horn plays nice with iPad
Take a look at that tablet which you are protecting far more than the rest of your gizmos which you carry around. Yes sir, I’m talking about the iPad (and its successor the iPad 2, of course), which has kept you entertained for hours on end, even through long flights across continents as you do not want to rely on what the in-flight entertainment channels offer when you can control […]

Wood Retro TV iPad Dock
Meet the wooden retro TV iPad dock which has been designed to look like a retro television in the good old days of the black and white. Perhaps you may not have been born in that glorious era but perhaps you just happen to love collecting vintage looking items, either way this wooden iPad dock is a pretty unique dock as far as iPads are concerned.Good news is that it […]

Your iPad is a bird, and it needs a Nest
Bluelounge has just made available the Nest – an iPad stand and tray which is a versatile accessory for the iPad, making it an unobtrusive asset to any desk, table or nightstand. What does the Nest do? Well, it will holds tablets and other accessories vertically and horizontally at a comfortable, convenient angle whenever you place it on top of a rubber grip lined around the top. Right below the […]

The i-Con bed is one large iPad dock
While people are busy trying to escape technology while they’re asleep, the folks over at Hollandia have been doing the opposite. Hollandia is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of beds and have just released a new bed called the i-Con. We have no idea why they call it the i-Con, but it is touted to be “the world’s first bed designed to work with Apple’s iPad.” And work […]


Ion Audio Concert Piano docks your iPad comfortably
Add this to the iPad’s growing list of versatile application in the real world – functioning as a unique tuition teacher for those who want to learn how to play the piano. Also known as the Ion Audio Concert Piano, this 88-key device will ship with an iPad app that will help you achieve your dream of playing the piano, although how fast you pick it up is entirely up […]

Altec Lansing Octiv Stage iPad dock announced
Altec Lansing must have decided that the iPad accessory market was way too lucrative to pass up, which is why they have introduced the Octiv Stage iPad dock. This device will also keep your iPad juiced up whenever connected as with any good docking device should, letting you position your iPad in a horizontal or vertical manner courtesy of a rotating arm. The same rotating arm will also allow you […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPad Dock
While there are plenty of iPhone and iPod audio docks out there, there aren’t too many audio docks for the iPad, and you can bet there won’t be that many that sound as good or are priced as high as the BeoSound 8 from Bang & Olufsen. In case you aren’t rocking an Apple device, you can still enjoy the sound from these speakers by hooking up your audio device […]

SMK PadDock 10 is an iPad speaker dock
iPod speaker docks? Meh. With the number of iPads on sale going nowhere but up, it goes without saying that there is going to be a lucrative market for iPad speaker docks as well. This model will feature a curved stand design that does look as though it was modeled after an iMac, albeit featuring a unique level of rotation. The cradle grips themselves will rotate a full 360 degrees […]

Mercedes Benz also jumps aboard iPad dock bandwagon
Mercedes Benz aims to be a joy-killer (hello, BMW!) by throwing in iPad docks into their range of vehicles sometime in the near future in order to keep up with its Bavarian rivals. The iPad dock will be located on the headrest, allowing back seat drivers to use and recharge their iPad comfortably while they’re on the way to their next destination. Needless to say, leaning forward to touch the […]

FloBox, FloBox Mini and Vital amp will come with an iPad dock
You know that the Apple iPad is really huge when other hardware manufacturers make sure that devices which they roll out will be able to have some form of connectivity to the iPad. Case in point, Speakercraft’s FloBox, FloBox Mini and Vital amp which will all ship with an iPad dock to get you started right out of the box. Not only that, the Vital amp is also full well […]

Hollandia bed plays nice with iPad
Hollandia has rolled out the first bed in the world that will play nice with the iPad, now how about that? Dubbed the iCon (how cute), this bed is not cheap by any means. In fact, it will set you back by a whopping $20,000, when we think you are better off with a nice bed all by itself and a separate iPad dock sitting at the side of your […]

iPads to find a home in BMWs next
Who says money can’t buy happiness? According to BMW’s recent advertisements, Joy can be bought, and it comes in the form of four wheels that ferry the ultimate driving machine around. To keep their range of vehicles all the more “fresh” and updated, BMW decided to embrace the iPad as part of its in-car entertainment program. Spotted at the Paris Motor Show, these photos come with iPad docks that will […]

iPADock Is Able To Accommodate Several iPads And iPhones At One Go
If you have a bunch of Apple devices at home and need a badass dock to keep everything connected, the iPADock by PhotoFast might possibly be the dock that you’ve been looking for. It’s capable of accommodating two iPads at one go, or four iPhones at once, or even a mix of them, and it also supports the iPod touch, nano, and classic. At the rear end of the dock […]

N-Board iPad And Notebook Dock
If you’re having trouble finding ways to keep your iPad propped up when you’re typing out a lengthy email on it, you might want to check out the N-Board. It was initially designed to prop your notebook up and keep it cooled, but it seems to work pretty well with the iPad too, and should do a good job of keeping your iPad cool while you’re typing out those emails. […]

Macintosh Classic Turned Into An iPad Dock
There are many iPad docking stations out there, but how many of them are as cool as this iPad Mac Classic mod, which is basically a Macintosh Classic that has the display removed, and a hole cut into the side, allowing the iPad to slide into it, becoming the display itself. It seems to work perfectly, since the iPad functions don’t change, though we do wonder how he will return […]

iPad gets a keyboard dock
Just like the iPhone in all its iterations as well as the family of iPods, it is fitting that the iPad gets a dock of its own – although you can tell that such a dock would definitely be relatively much larger in size. This $69 keyboard dock boasts a full-size mechanical keyboard that slides in the iPad in portrait mode, where it comes with a carrying case similar to […]