Bluelounge has just made available the Nest – an iPad stand and tray which is a versatile accessory for the iPad, making it an unobtrusive asset to any desk, table or nightstand. What does the Nest do? Well, it will holds tablets and other accessories vertically and horizontally at a comfortable, convenient angle whenever you place it on top of a rubber grip lined around the top. Right below the rubber grip would be storage space for additional items including USB drives, keys and earbuds among others. Not only that, there is another tray located in the back which pulls out to hold a device at a sharper 90-degree angle. For those who love choice, you can pick from pink, orange, blue, green, white and black colors to suit your curtains and overall look of the room. This is definitely one of the cheaper iPad stands around at $14.95, so if you want something different with more zest, then be prepared to rest your iPad in its own Nest. Strangely enough, there is no product page up yet on Bluelounge’s own website, so we don’t have any official pics just yet.

Update: We’ve just been pinged, and hence you can see an image of the Nest up here.

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