Hollandia bed plays nice with iPad

Hollandia has rolled out the first bed in the world that will play nice with the iPad, now how about that? Dubbed the iCon (how cute), this bed is not cheap by any means. In fact, it will set you back by a whopping $20,000, when we think you are better off with a nice bed all by itself and a separate iPad dock sitting at the side of your bed. Still, for 20 grand, you can expect to get a comfortable adjustable mattress from Hollandia, a custom headboard, the aforementioned built-in iPad dock and a sound system that comprises of a quartet of speakers and a 250 watt amplifier. This is touted to be a “lifestyle choice” just like the iPad, although we’re pretty sure the latter is a whole lot more affordable than the former. Chances are you will lose sleep over the purchase of this bed as you will probably wonder how you are going to pay it off…


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