Take a look at that tablet which you are protecting far more than the rest of your gizmos which you carry around. Yes sir, I’m talking about the iPad (and its successor the iPad 2, of course), which has kept you entertained for hours on end, even through long flights across continents as you do not want to rely on what the in-flight entertainment channels offer when you can control what you want to watch by downloading movies of your choice beforehand.

Well, the iPad and iPad 2 also does pretty well in music playback considering Apple’s DNA runs through both devices, so why not get a matching dock to go along with the tablets? The iVictrola fits the bill perfectly when it comes to bridging the gap between the old and the new, being a rather gorgeous antique Magnavox phonograph horn to help turn your iPad into a timeless living room masterpiece. It isn’t going to come cheap though at $985 a pop, arriving in markets later this November in limited numbers.

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