Meet the wooden retro TV iPad dock which has been designed to look like a retro television in the good old days of the black and white. Perhaps you may not have been born in that glorious era but perhaps you just happen to love collecting vintage looking items, either way this wooden iPad dock is a pretty unique dock as far as iPads are concerned.

Good news is that it doesn’t really matter if you own an iPad or iPad 2 because the dock is handmade and made to order so in some way every piece if unique but on the downside it doesn’t look like the dock comes with padding of any sort, so here’s to hoping when you slide your iPad in that you won’t sustain any scratches, any noticeable ones at least.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this iPad dock then just head on down to miterbox’s Etsy page and place your order that would set you back $60, a pretty decent price considering the workmanship involved and the overall uniqueness of the dock.

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