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Sid Meier's Civilization VI Now Available For iPad
If you’ve enjoyed Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise on your PC and would love to be able to play the game on your mobile device, you’ll be pleased to learn that Civilization VI has since been released for the iPad. The game is currently priced at $30 which is actually a 50% discount on the regular asking price, although note that this is a limited time offer.

Apple To Launch ‘Global Flagship’ Retail Store In Australia
As far as official Apple Stores in Australia are concerned, there are quite a few scattered throughout the country. However it seems like that isn’t enough because Apple has since announced their plans to launch a “global flagship” store in Federation Square, which is located in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Jony Ive To Resume Control Of Apple’s Design Team
When it comes to Apple’s products, it’s hard not to associate the design of some of the company’s more iconic products with its design chief, Jony Ive. However in case you didn’t know, Ive has been hands-off for the past couple of years from the day-to-day management of the design team, but he has since returned to his role.

Apple Could Adopt Faster Circuit Boards For Its Products In 2018
When Apple launched the iPhone 8, 8, and the iPhone X a couple of months ago, the company touted the various hardware and software features and improvements, but under the hood, there were some changes that Apple did not reveal. This came in the form of the use of a new type of flexible circuit board made from liquid crystal polymer.


Apple’s Brooklyn Store Will Feature Sound Dampening Ceilings & Floors
You might think that a store is just a store, but some companies actually take the time to carefully design their stores to make it more than just somewhere you buy their products. This is why you might have noticed that certain stores are designed a certain way, and this is what Apple is going for in their upcoming downtown Brooklyn store.

There’s A New iOS 11 Autocorrect Bug Making Its Rounds
Autocorrect has been a feature on virtual keyboards for the longest time ever, and even before that the T9 predictive text on feature phones sort of acted as an autocorrect in its own way. Basically this goes to say that for something that’s been around for a while, you would think that it would be impossible to get wrong, right?

Apple Wants To Make Its Products From 100% Recycled Materials
On every Apple product page and at the end of every Apple product announcement, the Cupertino company loves to boast at how green they are when it comes to building their products and the packaging used for its products. However as it stands sometimes raw materials and rare metals are still required.

Magician Performs Magic Trick Using An iPad
Magic tricks involving cards and coins aren’t new and have been around for ages and are still performed and enjoyed by many today. However with technology such as smartphones and tablets coming into the picture, they do present themselves as an opportunity to be used as props or in the routine of a magician.

2018’s iPad Pro Rumored To Feature Octa-Core A11X Bionic Processor
For the most part, Apple’s iPads have largely kept the same form factor for several generations now, save for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro which was launched earlier this year with slight design changes where its bezels were slightly thinner, but otherwise it still looks and feels very much like an iPad.

American Eagle’s New Store Has iPads In Every Dressing Room
While online shopping is no doubt more convenient, it can be a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to clothes, as sometimes what’s advertised on a website might be different in cutting or fit when it arrives, then customers will have to deal with getting it resized or sending it back. This is why sometimes trying on clothes before buying is always a good idea.

Apple’s Market Cap Crosses $900 Billion, On Track To Hit $1 Trillion
For the past few quarters, Apple has been consistently reporting a decline in iPhone sales, which we suppose combine that with the market being as mature and saturated as it is today, and the fact that Apple hasn’t really made much innovations for the past 3 generations, shouldn’t really have come as a surprise.

2018 iPad May Tout A New Design, Facial Recognition
It’s about time that Apple launched a new high-end tablet and according to a new report today, the company is working on a redesigned flagship tablet for 2018. The 2018 iPad is reportedly going to come with significant design changes. It might also be the first iPad without a Home button as it’s reportedly going to feature Face ID facial recognition as well.

iOS 11.1 Devices Hit With Weird Autocorrecting Keyboard Bug
The virtual keyboard on our smartphones are one of the most basic features that one would expect from smartphones, but it seems that even sometimes the most basic things can go wrong. Such is the case with iPhone and iPad users who are encountering a weird autocorrect bug on their devices.

HomePod Will Pass Certain Siri Queries To The iPhone/iPad
During WWDC earlier this year, Apple announced the HomePod which is basically the company’s take on the Amazon Echo and Google Home, except that it will come with Siri baked inside of it. Now thanks to a deeper look at the firmware of the HomePod and developer documentation, more details about the HomePod and its functionality have been revealed.