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Apple May Stop Using Qualcomm’s Components For 2018’s iPhones & iPads
By now the legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm has to be pretty well-known for those following the tech news, and just like in the lawsuit against Samsung, it seems that Apple has no intention of giving Qualcomm anymore business if they can help it, or at least that’s according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Third-Gen iPad To Be Declared Obsolete This Month
Based on information like shipping figures, sales, and usage, it’s pretty obvious that tablet owners do not update their tablets every year unlike smartphones. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that there are still many tablet owners holding onto their devices which are several years old.

iOS 11.0.3 Released With Additional Fixes For The iPhone And iPad
It wasn’t too long ago that Apple released the iOS 11.0.2 update for its iPhones and iPads. So far these updates haven’t been major in the sense that they bring about new features, but rather they seem to be about fixing existing bugs and improving iOS 11’s usability in general. However if you felt that it could still be improved upon, could the third time be the charm?

Poll Finds That Almost Two-Thirds Of Americans Own An Apple Product
Apple is one of those companies that people love to hate, whether it be because the company seems to be “slow” when introducing new features to its products that competitors have had for years, its price, its design, its naming scheme, and so on. However it seems that despite many people seemingly mocking Apple, quite a few people actually own an Apple product.


Benchmarks Show Apple Doesn’t Purposely Slow Down Older iPhones
Apple definitely wants you to buy their new products, and so far they’ve used new hardware features, design, and software features to try and tempt customers. However there has also been some long-standing speculation that Apple could be using nefarious methods of getting customers to upgrade, and that is by purposely slowing down older devices.

iOS 11 Update Now Available For iPhones And iPads
About a week ago Apple confirmed that the iOS 11 update would be released on the 19th of September, and sure enough it has. For those who own compatible iOS devices, you will be pleased to learn that the update will be available for download today, so you can wait for your iOS device to prompt you, or you can go to your phone’s Settings -> General -> Software Update […]

Apple’s CEO Claims Their Products Aren’t Made For The Rich
Whenever brands such as Xiaomi come to mind, you might associate the company with creating affordable products, like the recently launched Mi Notebook Pro which appears to be a much more affordable version of Apple’s MacBook Pro. However when you mention Apple, chances are you might associate them with premium priced products.

Apple Promises More Smart Connector Products Are Coming
Apple has typically relied on its Lightning port and connector for its accessories, but with the iPad Pro, Apple actually introduced a new method of connectivity in the form of the Smart Connector. However despite the introduction of the new connector, there aren’t many accessories available for it.

Microsoft Leaks Its Own iPad Touch Cover
Did you know that Microsoft has been developing a Touch Cover for the iPad? Doesn’t matter if you didn’t because Microsoft appears to have leaked it on its own. The company has let it slip that it’s developing a version of its popular Touch Cover for the iPad, which is without a doubt one of the most popular and best-selling tablets on the market.

Apple’s iPad Sales Are Up 15% Year-Over-Year
There was one point in time where it was speculated that the tablet could eventually replace more traditional computing devices like laptops, but in more recent times it seems that maybe interest in tablets are starting to wane. However despite what appears to be a decline in tablet sales, Apple’s iPads appear to still be doing well for the company.

Apple Has Protected Enough Forests To Cover Its Packaging Needs
We know that Apple has always been very environmentally-conscious, what with the company opting to use recycled materials for its packaging or even making its operations green by relying on alternative sources of energy, such as solar. Now it seems that it has gotten to the point where Apple is protecting enough forests to cover its packaging needs.

President Trump Claims Apple Will Build 3 ‘Big, Big, Big’ Plants In The US
While Apple might be headquartered in the US, the majority of the company’s production operations are overseas in countries like China. Apple isn’t alone in this as many other companies tend to outsource production and manufacturing to China and India because labor is cheaper than back home, which means higher profit margins.

iOS 10.3.3 Released For The iPhone And iPad
If you have an iPhone or iPad, you might be interested to learn that Apple has recently released a new update to the iOS 10 operating system. This latest update will bump your phone’s software up to iOS 10.3.3 and according to the changelog, it seems that this update will focus more on bug fixes and various improvements to your device.

How to Turn Off Notifications on iPhone
The iPhone does have a mute switch if you do not want to be disturbed by notifications and incoming calls. It does not disable the notifications but just mutes them (the notifications may still appear). Maybe it is a festival day, and you cannot block all of your friends or mute them one by one to stop receiving notifications.So, how to turn off notifications on iPhone? Do you want to […]