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Fake iPad Bomb Apparently The Reason Behind Airlines Electronic Ban
As you might have heard, recently both the US and the UK have issued a ban on electronic devices larger than a smartphone that are allowed to be brought on board a flight. This meant that passengers traveling with laptops or tablets or other devices had to check them in, although this only applied to those who were traveling from a specific set of countries.

Apple TV Remote App Now Available On The iPad
The Apple TV remote is a great way to control your Apple TV. However if you’re not a fan of physical remotes, or maybe you lost it and don’t want to buy a new one, there is always the iPhone version that you can use. However if you wanted a bit more screen real estate, you’ll be pleased to learn that the app has recently been updated to support the […]

T-Mobile Offering Free AppleCare+ As Part Of Jump Upgrade Program
Warranty is something that all companies typically offer their customers, and the length will vary depending on the company, product, as possibly country that the products are sold in. However extended warranty is typically an opt-in service in which the warranty period is extended by a couple of years beyond what is offered by default.

Apple’s New 9.7-inch iPad Is Thicker And Heavier
Apple has typically prided themselves for creating devices that generally get thinner and lighter with every new release. However it seems that Apple’s latest 9.7-inch iPad might be taking a step backwards, at least that’s according to the reports in which the dimensions of the new iPad were found to be different from that of the old iPad Air 2.


Logitech Debuts Rugged Keyboard Case For The iPad
Earlier today Apple announced a new 9.7-inch iPad, although we guess it’s more of a refresh than anything groundbreaking. Now if you’re in the market for some new accessories, then you might be interested to learn that Logitech has also announced a new education-focused “rugged combo” keyboard case for the iPad.

iPad Mini 2 Has Been Discontinued
As you might have heard by now, Apple has launched a new 9.7-inch iPad model, and while it was not announced, it has been noticed that in the process of launching a new iPad, Apple has also discontinued the iPad mini 2. Given that the tablet was launched back in 2013, we guess it’s safe to say that it has been a long time coming.

Apple Launches New 9.7 Inch iPad
We had been hearing reports that perhaps Apple is going to unveil a new iPad this week and it has done that today by simply sending out a press release. The new tablet replaces the iPad Air 2. It has a 9.7 inch display and is simply called the iPad.

Apple Online Store Closes Tomorrow Amid Whispers Of New Products
It has almost become a tradition that Apple’s online store closes hours before its keynote speech at one of its major events where it unveils new products. The store goes back up again after the keynote with updated product pages. However, the company may take the store offline from time to time for maintenance and the updated system status page shows that it will be down early tomorrow morning. It’s […]

How To Delete Emails and Accounts on iPhone
When you do not want an email account associated with a device, you simply delete it. Normally, you would do it if you are switching your primary email address or cleaning the slate before selling the device. But, how do you delete email accounts on iPhone? In either case, do you want to delete the entire email account from your iPhone or just specific emails?Here, we will let you know […]

New iPad Mini Pro Expected To Arrive Soon
We’ve been hearing a lot of things about Apple’s new iPad lineup. The company is expected to launch its new tablets in the very near future. However, it hasn’t sent out invites for an event as yet so many believe that perhaps it may simply launch the refreshed models by sending out a press release. Nevertheless, a new report claims that four iPad models are due to be announced and […]

How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone
Moving stuff from your primary device to a new one is somehow time-consuming. However, if you follow the correct method for the purpose, you will save a lot of time. Similarly, transferring photos from Android to iPhone might be a problem to you. No problem: we will help you with the best methods to transfer photos from Android to iPhone. Here, we present you the three easiest methods which you can follow […]

Backup (and restore) SMS on iPhone
With an iPhone, you can restore SMS messages & iMessages. However, you cannot perform that unless you reset your device to the factory state.Fret not, if you are willing to reset your device or looking for a way to simply restore your messages on a clean iOS install, we have your back. You can easily backup and restore SMS on iPhone using two methods which are mentioned below.

Apple’s Rumored 10.5-inch iPad Could Debut In April
Right now according to the rumors, Apple could have a new 10.5-inch in the works. We’re not sure when the company will be making it official, but we had heard that Apple could be launching their new iPads without any fanfare which would be odd as it is a new tablet in a new size.

Logs Show At Least Four Different iPad Models Being Tested
Word on the street has it that Apple could be planning on launching new iPads this month, and it seems that the rumors could be right because according to mobile marketing firm Fiksu, it seems that they have discovered within their logs that Apple could be testing out at least four different iPad models.

10.5-inch iPad Pro Seemingly ‘Confirmed’ In Documents
All has three iPad models at the moment. The iPad mini with a 7.9-inch display, the iPad with the 9.7-inch display, and the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display. As if these options weren’t enough, we have heard rumors that Apple could be preparing another iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch display.

Apple’s iPad Event Could Possibly Take Place On April 4
Apple typically holds around four events a year. One takes place early in the year, another middle of the year which would be WWDC, another in the third quarter to announce their new iPhones, and another event towards the end of the year for other products/services. This is why we weren’t surprised to hear that Apple could be planning an iPad event soon.

Skipper Crashes Boat After Relying Solely On iPad For Navigation
So we’ve heard how airline companies have ditched traditional flight bags filled with manuals for iPads. The idea is that because all this information can be condensed into apps or PDFs that the need for physical books is past, and we guess it makes sense. However maybe ditching old technology completely for new technology isn’t such a good idea.

Rumored 10.5-inch iPad Rumored To Sport 2224x1668 Resolution
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple has new iPads in the works. In fact the rumors are saying that Apple could even introduce a new iPad size in the form of a 10.5-inch model. This is interesting as Apple would have iPads whose display sizes are pretty close to each other, with the 7.9-inch model, 9.7-inch model, 10.5-inch model, and the 12.9-inch model.

Apple’s New iPads Might Only Be Released In May/June
According to a report earlier this week, it was rumored that Apple is planning on hosting an event in March in which new iPads (and a new iPhone color) is expected to be announced. Typically what happens following these events is that Apple will release the announced product a couple of weeks later.

Nearly 80% Of iOS Devices Run On iOS 10
Say what you will about Apple’s products, but if there’s one thing that Apple is pretty good at is issuing updates and making it widely available to all of its users. This is clearly evidenced with the iOS platform in which with every major release, Apple has no issues with crossing the 80% adoption mark.