Apple has suppliers from all over the world, such as China, Taiwan, just to name a few. However in a report from DigiTimes, it seems that Apple could be making the move to recruit more suppliers in China and shift away from Taiwan in a bid to help reduce their costs. The report cites how this shift has resulted in some Taiwanese suppliers being forced to seek out new businesses.


According to the report, “Taiwan-based battery module maker Simplo Technology, for instance, has moved to develop and produce batteries for electric bikes and spare battery modules for datacenters in the wake of Apple releasing most of its orders for MacBook and iPhone battery modules to China’s Desay Battery Technology and Sunwoda Electronic in the past few years. Now Simplo has become the world’s second-largest supplier of electric bike battery modules.”

Apple has come under fire in the past for creating products that are too expensive. Granted Apple has never really been known for cheap or affordable products, but there are many who feel that the iPhone X in 2017 which was priced starting at $1,000 was a little too much. There have also been complaints about its MacBook Pros which are also too expensive for most.

Whether or not this ultimately helps Apple to keep costs down, in which the savings are then passed down to consumers, or if Apple just wants a higher profit margin remains to be seen.

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