We know that Apple is gearing up to launch some kind of streaming service given all the shows that they seem to be trying to put together. However the big question is how will they distribute it? We can only assume that just like Apple Music, Apple will want to make it so that its video service is readily available to help reduce any hurdles that could hamper adoption.


Turns out that maybe giving it away for free to Apple device owners could be one way of going about it, or at least that’s according to a report from CNBC in which it was suggested that Apple will be bundling its original content for free for device owners of the iPhone, iPad, and/or Apple TV. These videos will be part of the “TV” app that will presumably be installed on all iOS and Apple TV devices, thus allowing Apple customers to access them right out of the box, similar to how Apple Music works.

The TV app will also allow users to subscribe to other services such as HBO and Starz which seems to echo a report from earlier this year. Right now the TV app basically consolidates the various streaming services available into a single app, so that users don’t need to jump around different apps if they’re subscribed to more than one service.

It is an interesting approach giving away content for free, although we’re sure that Apple definitely wants to monetize it, but how they plan to go about it remains to be seen, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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