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Apple’s Bug Bounty Program Payout Is Apparently Too Low
Many tech companies rely on outside help like white hat hackers and developers to report bugs to them, and they are usually encouraged by offering up a bounty for bugs that are discovered in the form of money. The amount will range depending on the severity of the bug, but basically there is money to be made.

Refurbished Apple Pencils Are Now Available For Purchase
One of the key features of the iPad Pros is ironically enough the Apple Pencil, which at its core is essentially a stylus and an accessory that Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs once derided. However it has proved to be an incredibly useful and almost invaluable tool for those who use the iPad Pro for graphic design work.

The Reason Why Apple Made The iPad
When Apple first launched the iPad, many made fun of its name, but safe to say that Apple has had the last laugh as not only did the iPad help made regular folks want a tablet (whereas before it was seen as mostly an enterprise tool), but for many years Apple continued to dominate the tablet market and make tons of money off it.

Microsoft Exec Claims Apple Is Following In Their Footsteps
While tablets existed before the iPad, it is safe to say that it was only with the iPad that tablets truly became a popular choice amongst the consumer market, whereas in the past tablets were mostly seen as devices used by industry professionals for specific tasks. Many companies have since followed suit with their own tablets, such as Microsoft.


Apple Unveils New iPad Pro Leather Sleeve Accessories
As you might have heard by now, Apple has launched new iPad Pro models which includes a new 10.5-inch option which is pretty much in line with what the rumors have been saying. Now if you were looking for some official iPad Pro accessories, Apple appears to be more than pleased to oblige.

iOS 11 Will Leave iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, 4th Gen iPad Behind
We know that Apple has been encouraging developers to update their apps and make them 64-bit. The company has been pushing for 64-bit apps for a while now, but with iOS 11, it seems that Apple will be making their biggest push because it looks like the update will be leaving behind some older iOS devices.

Alleged 10.5-inch And 12.9-inch iPad Pro Cases Revealed
Word has it that Apple has a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the works that could be unveiled this coming June at WWDC 2017. In terms of design we’re not sure what to expect – could it be that Apple will stick to the current iPad Pro design? Or will the new iPad Pros start to adopt some of the rumored iPhone 8’s design features?

Report Claims 10.5-inch iPad Pro Production Is Ramping Up For June
Apple’s iPad Pros were rumored to undergo a refresh earlier this year, but clearly that did not happen. However recent rumors have suggested that the refresh could take place in June where it could debut alongside the rumored Siri speaker (Apple’s answer to Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home).

iPad Pro Refresh Now Rumored For June
We’ve been hearing rumors that Apple could be getting ready for an iPad Pro refresh soon and that it should have taken place in March/April, but clearly that did not happen. Instead what we got was a refresh of the original 9.7-inch iPad which is basically a slightly more affordable model for those who just want an iPad without all the fuss.

Apple Support App Can Schedule Repairs With Authorized Providers
If your Apple device is faulty or broken, sending it back to Apple is one of the ways you can go about getting it fixed. However for some customers, this can be a hassle as not everyone stays near an Apple Store. However that will change in the future thanks to an update to the Apple Support app.

T-Mobile No Longer Offering 200MB Free Data To New iPad Customers
T-Mobile started selling cellular iPads in 2013. When it launched the cellular model, it also launched a new plan which promised iPad customers 200MB of free LTE data per month, for the life of the tablet. It has been running this promotion for more than three years but it appears that T-Mobile is doing away with it. T-Mobile is going to stop offering 200MB of free LTE data to new […]

Apple Extends iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Repair Program
One of the accessories launched with the iPad Pro is the Smart Keyboard which not only turns the iPad Pro into a laptop-like device, but it also takes advantage of the tablet’s Smart Connector. Unfortunately not everyone’s Smart Keyboard experience was particularly good and there have been quite a few customers experiencing issues with their keyboard.

Apple Tablets Still Reign Supreme Despite Declining Sales
Apple’s iPad shipments have been constantly declining for the past few quarters but that’s not because there’s something wrong with the company’s tablets and customers are opting for other options. The tablet market as a whole has been declining for the past few quarters so Apple is just being hit by the market sentiment. Nevertheless, despite declining sales, Apple still remains the top tablet manufacturer in the world.

Logitech Slim Folio iPad Keyboard Case Announced
The other day Logitech announced the Universal Folio tablet case which is a case designed for tablets of various sizes. However if for whatever reason you wanted something that is iPad specific only, not to worry as Logitech has you covered as the company has recently announced the Slim Folio iPad keyboard case.