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Apple’s Online Support Lets You Schedule Repairs With Third-Parties
It’s safe to say that most companies would much prefer if you were to repair your devices with the company themselves. This is because while under warranty, repairing outside would not only void the warranty, but it might not be a good job and could lead to more problems, which could make others perceive the company and its products in a negative way.

Apple & NHL Reportedly Close To Finalizing Partnership For iPads
One of the partnerships between tech companies and sports in recent times would be Microsoft, in which we saw the company’s Surface tablets being used by the NFL. The idea is that this would make it easier to watch replays and to come up with new strategies on the fly. It seems that Apple also wants in on the sporting scene.

How To Mass-Delete Photos on iPhone. 6 Easy Ways
If you have ever tried bulk-deleting photos on your iPhone, you must be knowing how inconvenient it is when you try deleting more than a dozen of photos. It actually consumes more of your time than you would expect (on Android, it’s very easy to do). In this article, we will take a look at a variety of methods available on the web to help you achieve it.

British MP Wants Schools To Ditch iPads, Says They Lead To Bullying
In today’s technology-centric world where homes are outfitted with devices that can communicate with each other, and where we carry around tiny computers in our pockets, it makes sense that technology finds its way into the education sector too. We’ve seen this happen with apps and gadgets meant to help kids learn.


Philips Finally Adds iPad Support To Its Hue App
For some reason and for the longest time ever, the Philips Hue app was not supported on the iPad. Instead the app was only supported on mobile devices, which meant that iPad users looking to control their Hue connected lights would have to rely on third-party apps to do so, which in some cases actually proved to be a better alternative.

New 10.9 Inch iPad Might Be Bezel-Less
Apple hasn’t updated its tablets in quite some time now which is why the rumor mill is abuzz with speculation about the company’s upcoming tablets. Apple is expected to launch a couple of new iPads at an event in March even though nothing has been officially confirmed as yet. The 10.9 inch iPad is expected to be bezel-less and it might even be of the same thickness as the iPad […]

2017 iPad May Feature 10.5 Inch Display
We’re hearing rumors about a new iPad these days. It’s believed that Apple is going to release one early next year that has a display above 10 inches. A new rumor out of Taiwan suggests that the company is going to release the 2017 iPad with a 10.5 inch display and that it’s going to be an “education and enterprise” tablet. Apple is said to start mass production of this […]

Best Music Apps For iPhone
It is really fascinating to know that music affects plants growth (positive effects). No wonder it helps us relax as well. Some of us even enjoy creating amazing music tunes and try entertaining the people. No matter for what you need, there are tons of music apps at the App Store for your iPhone.Do you need a music streaming app? Want to create a tune on the go? Fret not, […]

Apple Hints At The Return Of Black Friday Sales
Apple is a company known for their premiumly-priced products, which is a nicer way of saying that their stuff is expensive. When the company does offer discounts, they aren’t particularly much either, although recently Apple did offer up discounts on its USB-C dongle accessories and LG Ultrafine displays by as much as 25%.

Official Reddit App Now Supports The iPad
For the longest time ever, Reddit did not have an app of their own. It was only in 2014 that they acquired Alien Blue, one of the more popular unofficial Reddit apps available out there, thus making it sort of official. However it took the company an additional 2 years before an official Reddit app was launch.

10.9-inch ‘Bezel-less’ iPad Pro Rumored For March 2017
One of the popular rumors of 2017’s iPhone is that it will come with a bezel-less display. However it seems that it might not be the first Apple product to sport such a design. According to the recent reports, Barclay analysts are apparently claiming that Apple has a new iPad Pro in the works that could sport a similar design.

This App Simulates The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar On Your iPad
One of the selling points of the new MacBook Pros is the Touch Bar. Basically this adds an OLED touchscreen display to the laptop’s keyboard and replaces the function keys. It is also adaptive meaning that depending on the app being used, it will be able to pull up different items and tools that users can use for it instead of clicking on the screen the whole time.

Apple Introduces New 'TV' App For The Apple TV
Yesterday there were rumors that Apple was planning on introducing a new app for the Apple TV. The goal of this app was to create a centralized hub of sorts in which Apple TV users can find all their favorite shows as well as recommendations without having to jump from app to app, which is admittedly rather troublesome.

Apple Expected To Announce First Decline In Annual Revenue Since 2001
For many years now, Apple has been a largely profitable company with revenue that seems to be increasing on an annual basis. However as the saying goes, what goes up must come down, and it seems that tomorrow Apple is expected to for the first time since 2001 announce a decline in annual revenue.