Moving stuff from your primary device to a new one is somehow time-consuming. However, if you follow the correct method for the purpose, you will save a lot of time. Similarly, transferring photos from Android to iPhone might be a problem to you. No problem: we will help you with the best methods to transfer photos from Android to iPhone. Here, we present you the three easiest methods which you can follow when you want to transfer photos from Android to iPhone.

Note: If you are completely switching to an iPhone from Android, you should try using – “Move to iOS” app which would also transfer all the photos you had on your Android.

3 Ways To Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone

  1. Using Google Photos

    It is the simplest method you should consider following if you have an active Internet connection (be careful if it is a metered connection).

    First, you have to ensure that backup and sync has been enabled on your Android with Google Photos. You can also refer to an existing guide which will help you know how to backup photos on Android which explains Google Photos as well.

    Now, simply head on to your iPhone and get the Google Photos app installed. After you have successfully installed Google Photos on your iOS device, you would need to enable the Backup & Sync option (refer to the image above for help).

  2. Using A File Sharing App

    In case you did not have backup and sync enabled on Google Photos, it might be a slower move later (because uploading and syncing with the new phone would take time). So, it is better that you utilize a file sharing app like

    Also, if you do not have an active Internet connection, this method would be your best bet to transfer photos from Android to iPhone quickly.

    If you are already aware of the steps to transfer using file sharing apps, it should not be a problem for you. In either case, if you do not know or confused on how to do it, we’ll let you know the steps while utilizing app for the purpose.

    Steps To Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone Using

    SHAREit transfer

    1. Download and install SHAREit on both of your devices (Android+iPhone).
    2. Launch the app on your Android device. Click on “Start” (if you are starting it for the first time) and then set a name and avatar to your device.
    3. After you are done with it, tap on “RECEIVE.” If you have an active data connection, it will recommend you to disable that (I recommend doing it too!). Now, you will observe a screen where it tells that it is waiting for the sender. As it’s an iPhone you want to connect with, so tap on “connect to iOS/WP” option.
    4. Now, you will be instructed to search for a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the desired Wi-Fi hotspot.
    5. After you have connected to the Wi-Fi you want, launch SHAREit again, you will observe both the device are now ready to transfer files.

    Note: The reason we chose “RECEIVE” option than “SEND” option on an Android device was to give the ability to both the devices to transfer files (both receive and send). You can directly opt for SEND option as well, but there you would need first to select the files (here – > photos) which you want to send before successfully connecting.

  3. Using iTunes

    It is rather a time-consuming method than the ways mentioned above but could be a savior if the first two methods fail (either you do not have an active Internet connection, or the file sharing app fails to connect).

    You simply need to first backup your photos on Android to your PC. Also, a copy-paste will do while connecting your Android device via the USB cable.

    After you are done backing up all of your photos to your computer system, you can now utilize iTunes to sync it with your iPhone.

    Steps To Manually Sync Photos on your PC to your iPhone

    1. Connect your iPhone to the system via the USB cable.
    2. When connected successfully, launch the iTunes program on your system (make sure to have the latest version installed).
    3. Now, you have to head on to your device by clicking the device icon as shown in the image below.
    iPhone backup using iTunes
    4. Now, you will have to click on “Photos.”
    iTunes - photo option
    5. Finally, ensure that sync photos is enabled (observe the blue tick in the image below) and then select the folder from which you want to sync photos to your iPhone.
    iTunes photo folder sync
    6. Also, click on the option to sync “All photos and albums.” Now, hit the “Apply” button to get started.

Wrapping Up

There you go with the three easiest methods you could make use of to transfer photos from Android to iPhone. Do you know about other interesting methods which are more effective? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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