Apple typically holds around four events a year. One takes place early in the year, another middle of the year which would be WWDC, another in the third quarter to announce their new iPhones, and another event towards the end of the year for other products/services. This is why we weren’t surprised to hear that Apple could be planning an iPad event soon.

Now the previous rumor had suggested that it could take place later this month, but a report from Apple World Today (via 9to5Mac) has suggested that the event might take place a little later, possibly in the first week of April. How did they arrive at this conclusion? By checking the 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s availability.

It seems that the tablet is currently showing a 2-3 weeks shipping estimate, but clicking the “Check availability” link for the tablet, the 4th of April, 2017 date shows up. This is applicable to pretty much any configuration you want in terms of size, color, and connectivity. They speculate that due to this date, the event could take place on the 4th of April where the newly announced tablets would be made available right away.

Of course an alternate possibility is that a late March announcement is still in the cards, and that the tablets would only be available a week or two later following their announcement. In any case take it with a grain of salt, but if Apple is holding an event this month, we should be able to expect invites to start making their rounds very soon.

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