Reading your child a bedtime story is an experience most parents probably enjoy more than their children do as it allows them to be creative in how they deliver the story to their child. Changing your voice to simulate what they believe the character would sound like is one way to be creative, but another, more tech-friendly method would be to put these Smart PJs on your child.

The Smart PJs have dots all over them, which are placed in a way where they’re scannable to pull up a bedtime story when you scan them. Parents would have to download Smart PJs’ respective application either on their iOS or Android device, and they can let their child choose which dot pattern they like the best to have its corresponding story read to them. The Smart PJs application also puts the words to all of the stories and information on animals on the screen, which can help their child learn to read the stories themselves.

Smart PJs are available in four different sizes for both boys and girls and only cost $25. We’re not sure how many stories the Smart PJs can make available, but we do know that it’s probably enough to keep your child entertained while being drifted off to sleep for a couple of years.

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