Snap! caseWe’ve seen a lot of iPhone cases over the years and while most of them aren’t anything special, once in awhile we’ll come across something that catches our attention. Like the SNAP! case for the iPhone 4/4S that we spotted recently. Designed by a company named Bitplay, this case doesn’t add anything to the functionality of your iPhone (besides making it easier to hold) but it does a great job of disguising your iPhone to make it look like a camera.

The SNAP! comes in three pieces: a top and bottom half and a fake lens you attach into the middle of the two parts. The iPhone’s flash will be on the top right of the camera just like where a regular flash would be. The case also features a dedicated shutter button that can be used to shoot your photographs like a regular point and shoot camera.

No release date or pricing for the SNAP! case, but if you happen to be in Tokyo this week, you can check it out at the Tokyo Designer’s Week event.

[Bitplay website]

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