iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 (read our iPhone 5 review) is a smartphone from Apple. It was launched on Sept 12 2012 and features a 4″ display, 4G LTE, a thinner chassis and a faster A6 processor. At the time of its launch, it was obviously the best iPhone yet, but a large number of customers and observers came out very divided about its feature set. The lack of large screen was a main point of friction and many wished that there was a larger iPhone 5. FB Survey: are you impressed by the iPhone 5? Tell the world.

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Proporta's iPhone 5/5s Case Can Withstand A Shotgun Blast
We’re not sure how many of you guys need a bullet proof iPhone case, but in case you do, Proporta has unveiled a new case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s that according to the manufacturers, will be able to withstand a shotgun blast from up to 20 yards. As you can see in the photo above, the Proporta iPhone case does not look particularly unique in the sense […]

Gold iPhone 5 Stickers Apparently A Hot Ticket Item In China
So we heard that the gold iPhone 5s turned out to be quite a hot ticket item despite initial reactions and critics who felt that, based on the photos, gold would be quite gaudy. In any case not everyone needs to upgrade to the iPhone 5s, or who can’t afford to upgrade, but at the same time wants a gold finish as well. Turns out that it is a good […]

iPhone 5s Paint Peeling Off Issue Reported
Last year when the iPhone 5 was released, many early adopters reported that the paint was peeling off from their new iPhones. Some even found that their new smartphone came bearing scratches straight out of the box. The issue wasn’t widespread, and the reports didn’t come in after the initial stock had all been sold out. Apparently a similar issue has surfaced with the iPhone 5s as well, with some […]

iPhone 5S $24 Upgrade Kit Turns Your iPhone 5 Into The Latest iPhone... Sort Of
Apple released its iPhone 5S this past weekend, although we’re sure those of you who own an iPhone 5 may not want to pay full retail price for the next iPhone for one reason or another. You could always attempt to win the iPhone 5S through a sketchy giveaway on your social media network of choice, or you can just spend $24 to have those around you think you’re someone […]


iPhone 5 Sticky Notes Now A Reality Thanks to Paperback
Setting a reminder on your mobile device so you don’t forget to pick up something on the way home is a pretty easy experience if you have a phone that has a notes or an application that can remind you depending on the time or your location. But some people prefer to remind themselves of stuff the old-fashioned way, which by that, we mean by throwing as many post-it notes […]

The PocketPlug Is An iPhone Case With A Built-In Charger
We’ve seen an iPhone 5 case that has a Lightning cable attached to its back, which would allow you to charge your iPhone 5 nearly anywhere there’s a power outlet, so long as you have your adapter with you. You don’t see many iPhone cases that come with a built-in charger, which is exactly what makes the Prong PocketPlug so unique as it combines an iPhone case with a charger that […]

ChargeKey Is A Lightning Cable Small Enough To Fit On Your Keychain
If you have an iPhone 5, or plan on picking up the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S, you’re going to need more than just one Lightning cable as we know how difficult it is to carry around a single cable in order to recharge your phone. You could go with buying an additional cable, or you could have a bit more fun and buy something like this iPhone 5 case […]

Apple iPhone 5 Discontinued, iPhone 4S Now Free On Contract
After nearly an year of competing in the global smartphone market, the iPhone 5 is no more. Apple has decided to discontinue last year’s flagship smartphone and replace it with the new iPhone 5C. Traditionally, whenever the company has released a new iPhone, it discounted the previous one to $99 on contract and offered the one before that for free, on contract. Instead of doing that this year, Apple packaged […]

iPhone 5C VS iPhone 5, What's New And What's The Same
Earlier today Apple finally announced the iPhone 5C. We had heard a lot of rumors about this smartphone over the past few months, most of them have turned out to be true. One such rumor was that the iPhone 5C will have internal hardware similar to iPhone 5, the flagship smartphone Apple released last year. Yes, there definitely are some similarities, but the biggest difference between these smartphones is the […]

Walmart's New Smartphone Trade-In Program Offers $300 For An iPhone 5
Walmart today announced a new smartphone trade-in program. Customers who trade-in their old smartphones will be immediately given credit that can be put towards the purchase of a new smartphone. Over 3,600 Walmart outlets and Sam’s Club locations across the U.S. are participating in this program. Immediate credit will range between $50 to $300 and will be offered for more than 100 different smartphones. The device’s condition will definitely be […]

This iPhone 5 Case Includes A Lightning Cable On Its Back
If you take the power consumption of your mobile devices serious, then you probably travel with your charging cable everywhere you go just in case you need an extra bit of juice to make it through your day. It’s easy to forget to throw a cable into your backpack or purse when you’re rushed, but this new iPhone 5 case makes it easy to have a Lightning cable readily available […]

iPhone 5C Alleged Logic Board Leaks
Apple might be less than two days away from unveiling its brand new iPhones, that doesn’t mean the leaks and rumors are going to stop. Earlier today we picked up on a purported iPhone 5S box that hints at the possibility of it having a fingerprint scanner. Apple is also expected to unveil the iPhone 5C this year, its first ever budget smartphone. The alleged logic board of iPhone 5C […]

Vodafone Germany Reportedly Discontinuing 32/64GB iPhone 5 Models As Well
The other day we reported that Canadian carrier, Telus, was reportedly looking to discontinue the 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 models, leaving only the 16GB iPhone 5 model to choose from. Now it looks like Vodafone Germany is said to be following suit and according to leaked screenshots of the carrier’s ERP system, it certainly looks like that will be the case. It is unclear as to why Vodafone Germany […]

Aiptek's MobileCinema i55 Is A Pico Projector And Battery Pack Combo For The iPhone 5
We’re not sure how many of you guys need a portable projector that will allow you to project photos and videos from your smartphone onto a larger surface, but in case you do Aiptek has a new project/battery pack combo for the iPhone 5 that should be able to get the job done. Debuted at IFA 2013, the company is calling this product the MobileCinema i55. Aiptek is no stranger […]