iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 (read our iPhone 5 review) is a smartphone from Apple. It was launched on Sept 12 2012 and features a 4″ display, 4G LTE, a thinner chassis and a faster A6 processor. At the time of its launch, it was obviously the best iPhone yet, but a large number of customers and observers came out very divided about its feature set. The lack of large screen was a main point of friction and many wished that there was a larger iPhone 5. FB Survey: are you impressed by the iPhone 5? Tell the world.

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Telus To Discontinue 32GB And 64GB iPhone 5 Models
Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C on the 10th of September, at least that’s what everyone seems to be speculating at the moment. However the question is while the devices could be debuted then, when will we see the new phones launch? The 20th of September is a date that many believe is the day Apple will release both devices to the masses, and thanks […]

Wal-Mart iPhone 5 And iPad Prices Slashed
It is not abnormal to hear of discounts being introduced to the iPhone at this time of the year, but Wal-Mart might prove to to have an offer that you cannot refuse – as they have introduced price cuts so steep, you might even be moved to pick up an iPhone 5 even though you have been holding out for an iPhone 5S all this while. According to Wal-Mart, they […]

iPhone 5C Purported Casing Scratch Test Conducted
Apple’s much rumored budget iPhone is widely known as the iPhone 5C, though this moniker hasn’t been officially confirmed, the company might end up calling this smartphone something else. Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 5C next month at an event on September 10th, the event has also not been confirmed as yet. Almost every other day we heard rumors about the iPhone 5C, we’ve seen identical purported casings leak […]

White Sony Honami Leaked, Spotted Alongside iPhone 5
The Sony Honami is said to be the upcoming flagship device from Sony Mobile, and while we have heard our fair share of rumors concerning the Sony Honami, including a “masked” version that was caught in the wild, disguised so that we cannot really tell what the real deal looks like, in addition to an alleged photo snapped with the Sony Honami’s rumored 20-megapixel camera, here we are with yet […]


iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 Hardware Compared In New Photos [Rumor]
The iPhone 5S has been Apple’s long-rumored upcoming smartphone, and the closer we get to its supposed “announcement“, the faster the rumor mill spins. The latest rumor that we’re hearing about today pits the iPhone 5S up against the iPhone 5 in a number of new images comparing the hardware of both devices.

iPhone 5 Reportedly Explodes And Injures Woman's Eye In China
Last month we heard of two incidents that occurred in China. A young flight attendant was electrocuted, which caused her demise, as she answered a phone call on her iPhone, it is believed that the incident was caused by a fake charger. A few weeks after that a report claimed that a man had been electrocuted while he was trying to charge his iPhone, the incident left him in a […]

This iPhone 5 Case Shows Your Love For Eggs In A Basket
Let’s just say for the sake of argument that you love to have some fried eggs for breakfast along with some lightly toasted bread.  In fact, you’re such a big fan of the combination, you have mastered the art of the cooking up an egg in a basket, which is the perfect way to combine a fried egg and toast. But how in the world are you going to express […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tops iPhone 5 In Customer Satisfaction Survey
Apple’s iPhone 5 is currently the company’s latest smartphone, but for Samsung, the Galaxy S4 is their latest device but interestingly it seems that in a recent customer satisfaction survey conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 managed to top Apple’s iPhone 5, beating out the device by a mere 2 points. Apple has managed to maintain a score of above […]

iPhone Lite Could Feature Same 8MP Camera As iPhone 5, According To Leaked Component
Not much is known about the upcoming low-cost iPhone, or iPhone Lite as some are calling it, but based on leaks and rumors, it is expected to be somewhat affordable as far as iPhones are concerned, and could feature a plastic housing which we guess aided its affordability. However thanks to a newly leaked component allegedly belonging to that of the iPhone Lite, it seems that the device could feature […]

Apple Could Halt iPhone 5 Production In Favor Of iPhone 5S And Low-Cost iPhone
When Apple releases a new iPhone, they typically keep the previous generation models around for a while, usually doubling up as a cheaper alternative for those who don’t see the need to have the latest and greatest. However with the upcoming iPhone 5S and the iPhone Lite, rumor has it that Apple could be looking to halt production of the iPhone 5 and focus on their two new phones instead. […]

AT&T Said To Be Offering $200 Off Early iPhone Upgrades [Debunked]
The word on the web is that AT&T wants to clear out its iPhone inventory before Apple releases the successor, quite possibly in the next couple of months. The rumor started from a Gottabemobile  report which was subsequently picked up by CNET. It was about the fact that select AT&T customers who are not yet eligible for a fully-subsidized upgrade may be offered the option of getting a new iPhone 5 for […]

Alleged Low-Cost iPhone Gets Pictured Next To iPhone 5
Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen leaked photos of Apple’s alleged budget iPhone, which recent rumors are calling the iPhone Light, and now thanks to Japanese magazine, Weekly ASCII, it seems that they have managed to get their hands on the leaked components as well, the back plate to be specific, and they have compared the back plate to that of the iPhone 5, showing a comparison […]

Charging iPhone 5 Reportedly Causes Death Through Electrocution In China
Using a mobile device while it charges is probably something we’ve all done on a daily basis. Being able to browse Facebook, respond to a number of texts and check out the latest news while your mobile device is getting its regular dose of life-giving energy is a treat, but according to police in China, the combination recently turned deadly.

Nokia Lumia 925 VS iPhone 5 Video Recording Capabilities
The cameras on our smartphones are getting better with each release, although lately it seems that companies such as Samsung and Nokia have gone the extra mile in releasing phones where the emphasis is placed on the camera, making it seem more like a device that is a camera with phone capabilities, rather than a phone with camera capabilities. In any case Apple’s iPhone 5’s camera is no slouch, but […]