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John Legere Claims iPhone 7 Pre-Orders Are 4x More Than iPhone 6
There are probably many analysts who are worried about Apple’s future following the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, namely because this is the first time ever that Apple has stuck to a design for 3 generations in a row (usually it lasts 2 generations), meaning that there is a chance customers could be bored and disappointed.

T-Mobile Announces iPhone 7 Trade-In Plan
There is usually a good reason to upgrade your iPhone once every two years. For those who love getting their hands on a brand new design, Apple typically refreshes their iPhone designs every two years. Alternatively for those who are after new features and a refined model, the S series of iPhones are also refreshed every two years.

HTC One A9s Leaked, Likely Takes Inspiration From iPhone
HTC came out with a new mid-range handset last year which at first glance looked quite similar to the iPhone. The HTC One A9 has been around for a while now and it’s time for the handset to receive an upgrade. A picture of the HTC One A9s has been leaked online and the successor appears to take even more inspiration from the iPhone. Even the name itself – the […]

Apple Sued Over iPhone 6 Touch Issues
It was reported last week that an increasing number of nearly two-year-old iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units are affected by touch issues. It’s now being referred to as “Touch Diseases” and it basically involves an unresponsive touchscreen that has a flicking gray bar at the top. There hasn’t been much engagement on Apple’s part which is why some dejected customers have decided to file a class action lawsuit […]


Increasing Number Of iPhone 6, 6 Plus Affected By Touch Issues
Do you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and you’re experiencing some touch problems with your phone? If you are, you’re not alone. It seems that according to several recent reports, there is a growing number of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners who are reporting that their phone’s touchscreen is no longer responsive to touch.

Less Than 10% Of iPhone Owners Plan To Upgrade This Year
Every two years, Apple introduces a brand new design for its iPhone. For some users, this is the most highly-anticipated change given Apple’s penchant for design. At the same time, there are some who might prefer Apple’s “S” models as these models represent a more refined version of the previous iPhone with new hardware features, like 3D Touch, Touch ID, and so on.

Apple Ordered To Stop iPhone 6 Sales In Beijing
China is one of the most lucrative markets in the world and it’s no surprise that Apple pays extra attention to the People’s Republic. Working in the Chinese market can prove to be hard at times and Apple surely knows that. An intellectual property board has ruled that Apple must halt iPhone 6 sales in Beijing as the two devices infringe on design patents of Shenzhen Baili,

iPhone 6 Prototype Finds Its Way To eBay
It goes without saying that with every iPhone built, there had to exist several prototypes before the final version. Each prototype probably comes with features and a design that might not have made it to the final build, which is interesting for those who are curious about the process of how an idea becomes a reality.

Cellebrite Reportedly Close To Hacking The iPhone 6
For those unfamiliar in the Apple vs FBI case, it seems that the law enforcement agency has managed to get outside help from the likes of Israeli tech firm Cellebrite, who has reportedly managed to successfully hack the iPhone 5c. However this hardly signals the FBI’s victory in the war, but rather the battle as phones after the iPhone 5c continue to remain unhackable.

iPhone 6 And Skinny Legs Feature In China's Latest Body Trend Meme
Do you think that the world has an unhealthy obsession with physical looks, wanting you to look a certain way, wear in a select kind of fashion, and even to speak in a definitive manner? Well, peer pressure has a role to play in our everyday lives, and it looks like the most recent body trend meme over in the world’s most populous country, China, would see the rather unique […]

Apple Debuts Official Smart Battery Case For The iPhone
If you wanted a battery case for your iPhone, you’d probably have to turn to third-party companies like Mophie and Belkin, both of whom have been battery cases for iPhones for quite a while now. Official cases from Apple were only the regular silicon and leather cases, at least until today.In what can only be described as a surprising move, Apple has officially taken the wraps off the Smart Battery […]

Nexus 6P VS iPhone 6 Camera Test Samples
While Apple’s iPhones might not necessarily sport the best cameras on smartphones, they are usually very consistent in its quality and are typically used as benchmarks to compare other phones with. Now with the Nexus 6P being ranked pretty highly for its camera, we’re sure some are wondering how does it stack up against Apple’s iPhone 6?While we have seen some official sample photos released, if you’re looking for unofficial […]

UFC Title Contender Luke Rockhold Puts The iPhone 6, 6s To The Test
If you have ever trained martial arts like Muay Thai, Karate, or Taekwondo, you know that the kick is one of the more devastating attacks you have at your disposal. We have seen videos where some kicks are so strong that they can shatter baseball bats. We’ve also seen how some legs are stronger than other where a kick could shatter the opponent’s shin in half.That being said when pitted […]

iPhone 6s Has A Longer Battery Life Than Its Predecessor
Last week in a teardown by the folks at iFixit, it was confirmed that the iPhone 6s comes with a slightly smaller 1,715mAh battery. This is versus the iPhone 6 which packs a slightly larger battery at 1,810mAh. Now Apple claims that both devices will offer up the same battery life despite the marginal difference in size, but as it turns out the iPhone 6s did much, much better.Thanks to […]