For the past several quarters, Apple’s iPhone sales have been on the decline which some are attributing to the market being saturated, while others are saying that Apple hasn’t really done anything new to the iPhone in the past three generations. However it is expected that Apple’s new iPhones are meant to bring back a period of a super cycle for the company.

Unfortunately that might not be the case, at least as far as the iPhone 8 is concerned. According to a report from Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang, it seems that iPhone 8 pre-orders aren’t as hot as one might imagine, and that apparently it is lower than that of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. It is possible that overall sales could overtake that of its predecessors, but for now pre-orders aren’t looking so hot.

This is based on pre-orders taken on where in the first 3 days, only 1.5 million iPhone 8 pre-orders were taken compared to the 3.5 million of the iPhone 7. Since this is just one source, we would say that it doesn’t necessarily reflect pre-orders for the rest of the world, but this isn’t the first time we’re hearing that iPhone 8 pre-orders aren’t doing as well as it could.

Recently another analyst has suggested that the iPhone 8’s pre-orders are being affected by the iPhone X, where the iPhone X is expected to be released in November and that customers are opting to wait for it rather than purchase the iPhone 8, although there are reports to suggest that they could be in for a long wait as supply is said to be constrained well into 2018.

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