You would be quite the nutcase if you were to slip your super slim iPhone into one of the two slots on a toaster, thinking that it were an iPhone dock instead. Of course, such a crazy move might just be used as a catalyst for those who want something different in the world – hence the toaster inspired Day Maker device. Designer Michael Kritzer intends this alarm clock to pop out your handset so that you can rise and shine, just like how a toaster ejects bread once they’re well done. If you are a huge fan of snoozing, all you need to do is push your handset back into the slot and you’re good to go. 

Good thing nobody in their right mind would sleep next to a toaster, otherwise you might end up mistaking one for the other, resulting in a melted handset that could prove fatal if you happen to be at the wrong place and the wrong time. How much are you willing to spend on something like the Day Maker if it were to roll off the production line on a mass market basis?

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