Now this is a rather interesting concept – the Turntable iPhone Dock which has the intention of bringing together both the new and the old in a single device. It remains a concept as at press time, but who are we to say that it isn’t going to materialize in the immediate future if someone decides to take the idea and do something about it?

To put it in a nutshell, the Turntable iPhone Dock will merge a couple of objects that are icons of their respective eras in order to deliver harmony between the old and the present. Technology has long been the “fall guy” so to speak, when it comes to humans’ disconnect with society, but you have to bear in mind that technologies were originally developed to help humanity and not to isolate them. The opposite has been happening though, as you see kids at dining tables or social events glued to their iPods and respective smartphones. With the Turntable iPhone Dock, it will not only handle your old school LP vinyls but also encode those tracks into the MP3 format to be sent directly to your charging iPhone.

Modern technology has also made it possible for a tiny amplifier and sound bar to be integrated into the entire setup for room filling audio. Kudos to Olivier Meynard for dreaming this up – now to wait for someone to roll it off your manufacturing line.

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