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Base iPhone 12 Model Could Come With A Triple Camera Setup
When Apple introduced the iPhone XR, it came with a single camera that made up for the lack of a second lens by using software to achieve similar effects and results. Apple later upgraded this camera in the iPhone 11, where the Pro and Pro Max models came with triple cameras, but the base model was upgraded to two.

SteelSeries Could Be Working On A New Controller For Apple Devices
There are many third-party gaming controllers out there in the market today that will work with iOS devices, but if you’re looking for devices that will ensure compatibility, that’s what the MFi certification is for. The good news is that it looks like SteelSeries could be preparing something for the iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft Outlook For iOS Finally Lets Users Ignore Conversations
When sending emails to multiple users at once, it is more common than not that you’ll end up getting pinged by the same email the entire day as users hit “reply all”. This can be distracting and sometimes can derail your productivity, but the good news for iOS users is that you will now be able to ignore all that chatter.

iPhone 12 Will Reportedly Be Priced Starting At $649
Over the years, Apple has steadily increased the price of its iPhones to levels where some people are starting to feel it’s quite ridiculous. However, there is some good news because according to a tweet by Jon Prosser of FrontpageTech, he claims that the iPhone 12 could be priced somewhat affordably.


‘Parks and Recreation’ Reunion Special Was Shot Using An iPhone
Turn the clock back maybe 7-8 years ago, and you would never think to shoot a TV show or a movie using a smartphone. However, fast forward to today, our smartphones have become increasingly capable of capturing stunning photo and video footage, making them much more viable for these types of tasks.

The iPhone SE Outlasts The iPhone 8 In Battery Test
Ahead of the iPhone SE being announced, it was rumored that the handset would be largely based on the iPhone 8. A subsequent teardown has revealed that the internals of the handset were similar to the iPhone 8 where certain parts could be swapped with one another. It was also revealed that the phone would pack the same 1,821mAh battery.

Apple’s 2020 iPhones Might Launch In October At The Earliest
Recently, we have been hearing reports from multiple sources that Apple still plans on launching the iPhone 12 in 2020. However, even then it might be delayed. Now a new report from The Wall Street Journal has corroborated those reports, where they claim that production of the new iPhones could be delayed by a month.

iPhone SE Battery Test Shows You What You Get For $399
Apple’s new iPhone SE comes at a price of $399, a price tag that we haven’t seen on an iPhone ever since the original iPhone SE. However, the affordable price tag also means that certain compromises had to be made in terms of the choice of hardware and features, where apparently battery size was one of those compromises.

More Rumors Of A 2020 iPhone Launching With In-Display Touch ID Sensor
We’re sure that some were disappointed when Apple chose to kill off Touch ID on the iPhone and replace it with Face ID. However, in the recent months, we’ve started to hear rumors that Touch ID for the iPhone might not be completely dead and that such a device could very well launch in 2020.

5G iPhone Could Offer Different Speeds Based On Region
Did you know that not all 5G is equal? Unfortunately for would-be iPhone 12 customers, it seems that depending on your region, your 5G iPhone could offer up slightly different speeds compared to other parts of the world, or at least that’s what an exclusive report from Cult of Mac is claiming.

Apple Reportedly Slashes The Number Of 5G iPhone Orders
While some people are lucky to still have a job and be able to work from home, there are probably thousands of people (if not more) around the world who are out of work or forced to close their businesses due to the coronavirus. As a result, there are some who are predicting that we can look forward to an economic recession.

iPhone SE Teardown Reveals Hardware Layout Similar To The iPhone 8
Ahead of the new iPhone SE’s launch, it was rumored that the device would be similar to the iPhone 8 in terms of design. It turned out to be true as the iPhone SE has adopted a more curved design that is more in line with Apple’s recent design language. However, it seems that the similarities go deeper than that.

New Messages Bug Can Cause iPhones And iPads To Crash
Apple’s Messages app is supposed to be a simple app designed to send and receive messages. However, over the years, there have been numerous bugs discovered that would cause the app or device to crash when messages containing a string of weird characters are being received.

Apple’s 2020 iPhones Could Come With A 120Hz ‘Pro Motion’ Display
Ever since Apple launched the iPad Pro with its 120Hz Pro Motion display, many have been wondering when that tech will trickle down to the iPhone. After all, we’re seeing more Android handset makers introduce similar features to their smartphones, so why not the iPhone too, right?