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iPhone 12’s 120HZ ProMotion Display Apparently Did Not Make The Cut
There has been speculation whether or not the iPhone 12 will come with a 120Hz ProMotion display that first debuted on the iPad Pro years ago. Unfortunately for those who have been holding out and hoping for a 120Hz display iPhone, you could be disappointed to learn that will not be happening.

Apple Reportedly Orders Foldable Display Samples From Samsung
Are foldable phones the next big thing? We’ve seen several of them launch already, but they haven’t quite taken over like we would have expected. Presumably price is one of the reasons why many have yet to adopt the technology, so maybe if it was a bit more affordable, things could change.

Leaked iPhone 12 Promo Email Confirms A Feature
One of the rumored features of the iPhone 12 is that it will come with support for 5G. Now thanks to a post by Evan Blass, he shared what appears to be a leaked promo email from a carrier (unspecified) that basically confirms it. In addition to confirming the feature, the email also hints at a possible launch date.

Apple Watch’s Water Ejecting Feature Could Come To The iPhone
The Apple Watch is a water-resistant smartwatch that you can take with you when you swim, but what happens after you come out of the pool? In case you didn’t know, the Apple Watch comes with an active water ejection system that uses the vibration from the speakers to forcibly eject water from its ports.


Apple Could Announce The iPhone 12’s Event Date This Week
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could launch their new iPhones in the second half of October, but when exactly is anyone’s guess. However, according to a recent tweet by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a pretty good track of these sorts of things, he expects that we should have more details later this week.

Broadcom Hints At October Launch For iPhone 12
While Apple themselves might have confirmed that the iPhone 12’s launch will take place slightly later than usual, the company stopped short of actually mentioning when exactly it would be announced. Speculation at the moment has pegged the iPhone 12 for a launch in the second half of October, and now it seems that one of Apple’s suppliers might have hinted as such.

Apple Crushes The Competition With The iPhone 11
When Apple launched the iPhone XR, we were wondering if this could end up being like the iPhone 5c which turned out to be a flop. However, Apple proved the skeptics wrong where the iPhone XR sold like hotcakes. It looks like Apple might have another winner on their hands and also the key to a winning formula with the iPhone 11.

iPhone 12 Expected In The Second Half Of October
Back in July, Apple confirmed that the iPhone 12 would be delayed by a few weeks. However, the company stopped short of mentioning when exactly. However, it seems that we might have a timeframe to look forward, at least that’s according to a report from Macotakara who cites information from Chinese suppliers.

iPhone 12 Could Launch In A Stunning Blue Finish
Apple’s iPhone 12 launch has been delayed by a few weeks as previously confirmed by Apple themselves. There is still no word on when the device will be launched, but it seems that when that does happen, iPhone customers can look forward to a brand new color option in the form of blue.

How To Cancel Your Netflix Subscription
Is Netflix getting a bit too expensive for your liking? If you think that it might be time to end your subscription, here’s how you can quickly and easily cancel your Netflix subscription.

Apparently Owning An iPhone Makes You More Attractive On Dating Apps
Dating apps are very superficial because since you don’t get to talk to the person while you’re checking out their profile, it’s pretty much based on looks. However, apparently it’s not just looks that will make you successful on a dating app, but it also seems that what kind of smartphone or smartwatch you own helps.

No EarPods, Charging Brick For The iPhone 12
Earlier this year, there were rumors that Apple could be dropping several accessories from the iPhone 12’s packaging. This included the EarPods and also the charging brick. Now according to a new report from TrendForce, it looks like they have also corroborated those claims, which we imagine might be disappointing for some.

LiDAR Seemingly Confirmed For The iPhone 12
One of the new features that Apple introduced to the iPad Pro earlier this year came in the form of a LiDAR sensor. It was later rumored that this was a feature that would eventually make its way to the iPhone as well, and now a new video uploaded to YouTube by Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, it seems that the feature has been “confirmed”.

This Is How Well Apple’s A14 Chipset Will Perform
Apple’s iPhone 12 handsets are expected to be powered by a new A14 chipset. We expect that the upgrade will introduce a bunch of changes and improvements over its predecessor, but exactly by how much are we looking at? Turns out that the A14 could prove to be a rather substantial upgrade.