If you’re out in public, like sitting at a cafe or in a train and you’re using your phone, there is always a chance that some busybody might glance over to see what you’re doing. There’s really no way to prevent this from happening, although there are some screen protectors that can block visibility from an angle, but it’s not always perfect.

However, a patent discovered by Patently Apple suggests that maybe in the future, one of the potential uses of the Apple Glasses is that it could be used as a privacy and security feature, where content from your iPhone will be hidden unless you’re viewing it through the glasses.

According to the publication’s findings, “A key new dimension discussed in this patent application covers “Privacy Eyewear.” In some embodiments, a user may interact with the calibration graphic to intentionally blur the graphical output presented on the display of the device (iPhone). If a user desires privacy or doesn’t want a nearby person to view what is presented on the display, the user may interact with the calibration graphic to make the graphical output illegible.”

It actually sounds like a really cool feature to have, assuming Apple can pull it off. Right now, there are rumors that Apple’s mixed reality headset could launch as soon as next year, with the Apple Glasses possibly launching a couple of years after that. We imagine that features like this could make it a more compelling purchase.

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