For those unfamiliar with the body modification world, let’s just say that piercings on the ear and tattoos can be considered to be the milder forms of body modification. For the more extreme, piercings in odd places and implants placed under the skin are also possible body modifications and in the case of body piercer Dave Hurban, he decided to take things to the extreme by implanting four magnets under his skin (ouch!). Why magnets, you might ask?

Well it seems that thanks to the magnets implanted under his skin, he had no problems mounting an iPod nano onto his wrist, thus reducing a need for iPod nano watch straps and what not. It looks extremely painful but we have to admit it’s a pretty unique idea and if you think you have the stomach to view the entire process, check out the video below but be warned there’s blood and drilling through flesh involved, so the faint of heart might just want to check out the end result in the photo above.

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