We’re not sure how many of you guys remember what a cassette player looks like, but for those that do, this iPod nano watch strap/case dubbed Deckster by N-Product might bring back some fond memories. On the basic level, the Deckster is your typical iPod nano watch strap design with its case made out of aircraft grade aluminum. What makes it particularly unique is that it comes with an eject function, allowing it to pop up like tape recorders back in the day (as pictured above), allowing users to remove the iPod nano with relative ease.

It will be available in either black or red and will feature leather bands. While it certainly looks good and with the eject function probably being the most appealing, it does not come cheap. Deckster will come with a price tag that ranges between $150 to $165, and for more information or to place your order, head on down to Deckster’s website for the details.

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