When it comes to buying new electronic equipment, ease of repair could be one of the factors that some take into consideration before making a decision. That being said, the folks at iFixit have gotten their hands on Apple’s new iPod nano and gave it the teardown treatment. In the process they have discovered that there are several components within the iPod nano which will make it pretty tricky to repair, especially for the end-user who might not be familiar with their way around soldering kits and electronic components.

These issues come from the fact that the battery is glued in place, while essential components such as the Lightning cable socket and volume rocker have been soldered to the motherboard. Considering that the Lightning socket is accessed frequently to charge the device and to transfer media, and that the volume rocker is used often to adjust the volume, it is not a stretch of the imagination to think that these are some of the more often used components. In turn this means that they could be more prone to wear and tear and if they are soldered directly onto the motherboard, then this might prove tricky not just to repair, but also to replace. In any case for the full teardown, head on over to iFixit’s website for the details.

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