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iPod Range To Receive Refresh (Rumor)
It does not look as though Apple is working on making their iPod range expand any further, as current trends do seem to offer fewer and fewer new iPod models, for the simple reason that a portable media player is out of fashion now, taking into consideration how a device like that of a smartphone will be able to get the job done – and then some. Well, one ought […]

iPod Classic iPhone Cover Concept Is Pretty Cool
Apple has a Smart Cover designed for the iPad that basically protects the screen of the tablet and wakes it up when you open. We’re sure many are wondering why doesn’t Apple offer something similar for the iPhone, but we guess that’s what concept renders are for, right? Thanks to designer Claudio Gomboli, he has recently shown off a concept render for the iPhone that brings back some pretty fond […]

Apple Lucky Bag Event For Japan Kicks Off January 2nd
Each year Apple conducts a special retail store event for people who are based in Japan. The event actually stems from the tradition known as Fukubukuro where retailers will fill a bag with mysterious products and sell that bag for a lot less than the original price, customers only get to know what’s inside the bag once they’ve purchased it. Apple follows this tradition and has given away MacBooks and iPads […]

Apple Found Not Guilty Of Violating Anti-Trust Laws In iTunes Lawsuit
As some of you have heard, Apple has been recently hit with a lawsuit that could cost them potentially $1 billion in damages if found guilty. This basically involves iTunes and the iPod which some have felt that Apple had engaged in anticompetitive behavior, ultimately leading to an anti-trust lawsuit against the Cupertino company.Well it looks like Apple can breathe a sigh of relief as the jury has since found […]


Former Apple Engineer Testifies He Helped Block Non-iTunes Clients
A little over a week ago, we reported that Apple was facing a lawsuit in which they admitted that they deleted non-iTunes purchased music from iPods. According to Apple during their testimony, this was done for security purposes meant to protect both the user and the device. If you thought that seemed like a bunch of baloney, another testimony by a former Apple engineer confirms that.According to a report from […]

Discontinued iPod Classic Finds New Lease Of Life On Amazon
It seems that there is no stopping the Apple train, even for Apple devices that have already been discontinued as Apple looks to the future. The iconic iPod Classic has been around for quite some time, before the curtain finally fell upon it earlier this year. Still, who would have thought that a hard drive-equipped iPod classic would actually find a new lease of life on Amazon at a price […]

Apple Admits To Deleting Non-iTunes Purchased Songs From iPods
We suppose in an ideal world, customers who purchase Apple’s iPods or iOS devices will buy all their apps, music, movies, and TV shows through the iTunes store. However that isn’t the case as there are many channels in which one is able to obtain said media, but it seems that back in the day Apple wasn’t too pleased by this and actually deleted songs purchased through competitor’s stores.According to […]

Tony Fadell Comments On The Discontinuation Of The iPod Classic
A couple of weeks ago during Apple’s announcement of their new iPhones, it seems that Apple had also quietly removed the iPod Classic from their stores at the same time. Given that the iPod Classic is about 7 years old now and hasn’t really seen an updates since, we guess this was to be expected.That being said, how does the father of the iPod, Nest’s Tony Fadell, feel about the […]

Band Uses Bevy Of Apple Devices To Create Unique Music Video
We know that there are plenty of mobile apps available on our smartphones and tablets that allows us to create music videos, but to use multiple devices at once to come up with an interesting and unique music video concept? That will probably take a fair amount of skill and coordination, but that’s what Ukrainian musicians Brunettes Shoot Blondes did in their music video for their song “Knock Knock”.The video […]

Apple Removes iPod Classic From Online Store
The iPod Classic is probably one of the better value iPods in Apple’s lineup. This is because of the amount of storage it offered and if you already have an iPhone or iPad and don’t need apps or a touchscreen interface, it made the iPod Classic a pretty compelling purchase. Unfortunately it looks like all good things have to come to an end.It seems that while Apple was busy announcing […]

Future MFi Headphones Could Connect Via The Lightning Port
Headphones are typically plugged into the 3.5mm audio jack on smartphones, tablets, media players, and even computers. There are headphones out there that might require the 1/4-inch plug, but for the most part, the 3.5mm jack is the more commonly found and used in consumer devices.However it seems that Apple might have other plans because the company has recently introduced a new specification for manufacturers that plan to take part […]

Apple's Refurbished Store's Sidebar No Longer Lists iPod Classic
The iPod classic is/was one of the better iPods around, because unlike the newer generation of iPods, the iPod classic offered up massive amounts of storage, thus allowing music lovers to take pretty much their entire music collection on the go, unless of course your collection is a few hundred gigabytes, but that’s another story.Interestingly enough, it seems that Apple has removed the link to the iPod classic in the […]

iPod Lineup Could Be Replaced By iWatch, According To Analyst
The iWatch has been rumored about for a while now and a recent trademark filing has only fueled the rumors and speculation. Now based on what we know so far, the device is meant to be some kind of smartwatch with a health-focus. This is thanks to Apple’s hiring of health experts, not to mention rumors of a Healthbook app all seem to point in that direction.However is it possible […]

Apple Q1 2014 Earnings Announced
Apple’s fiscal 2014 first quarter ended on December 28, 2013 and soon after trading closed for the day, the Apple Q1 2014 earnings were officially announced. The company had a record quarter as far as iPhone and iPad sales are concerned, even if it didn’t exactly meet Wall Street’s expectations. An all-time quarterly record was established in Q1 2014 as Apple sold 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads. During the […]