These Are The Devices Compatible With iOS 10

iOS 10 was announced earlier today and Apple did introduce a fair number of new features and improvements that they would be making to the operating system. Now if you are eager to get your hands on the software, note that not every iOS device will be compatible, but here’s a list of devices that are.

Vintage iPod Is Currently Going For $20,000 On eBay

For the most part it looks like Apple’s iPod lineup is pretty much dead in the water. There haven’t exactly been many new upgrades or exciting new features, plus with Apple focusing on Apple Music, save for the iPod touch, the rest of the lineup doesn’t really make that much sense anymore.

Apple Demotes iPods To Its Accessory Shelves

Prior to the launch of the iPhone, and for a while after the launch, the iPod was one of Apple’s most popular gadgets. After all you choose to have an iPod that could store all your music, or you could have one small enough to clip onto your shirt while you’re out for a jog. However fast forward to today, it seems that Apple is giving the iPod even less […]

Apple Website Undergoes Slight Revamp, Removes Dedicated Store Tab

If you were to surf on over to Apple’s website right now, you may or may not notice that there have been some changes made to the website. If you’re particularly observant (or if you’ve read our article’s title), you’ll notice that the dedicated link to the online Apple Store has been removed, but fret not because online shopping is still available.It looks like Apple has decided to merge both […]


Kids React To Apple’s First Ever iPod

Today we are living in a world where smartphones are able to act as our music players, internet browsers, storage devices, cameras, phones, and more. However back in the day, we would turn to dedicated devices like the iPod just to listen to music. That being said, how would kids react if you were to give them the original iPod?That’s what the folks at the Fine Brothers decided to find […]

iPod Refresh Rumored To Take Place Today

Last week there was speculation that new iPods could be introduced this week. In fact a report from yesterday revealed that this was likely given that shipping times for the iPod lineup had started to slip, but when exactly can we expect the new iPods? According to the folks at 9to5Mac, they have heard that the day could be today, the 15th of July.Apart from “confirming” today’s launch, they have […]

iPod Shipping Times Start To Slip Ahead Of Rumored Refresh

A rumor from last week suggested that this week, or at least soon, we could expect Apple to refresh their iPod lineup. Is that true? We suppose it’s really anyone’s guess, but in the meantime it seems that there is some evidence to point towards the rumor being true in the form of Apple’s own online store.According to some observations, it has been noted that the iPods listed on Apple’s […]

iPod Refresh With 64-bit Processor Rumored For Next Week

A couple of weeks ago in the latest update to iTunes, it was discovered that Apple could potentially have new iPods in the works. The designs of the iPods remained the same, but they got a new coat of paint which was pretty much the extent of what we knew about these potentially “new” devices.However according to a report from (via 9to5Mac), it seems that it could be more […]

iTunes 12.2 Hints At Potential iPod Refresh

Last month Apple made it clear that the iPod would no longer be a priority to the company by removing a direct link to their iPod product page from their website. This doesn’t mean that the iPods have been discontinued, but rather Apple will choose to focus on less on it now than they did before.However it looks like the iPod might not be completely ignored. It has been spotted […]

Google Searches For The iPod Outnumber Those For The Apple Watch

If the reports are to be believed, Apple has apparently shipped and sold possibly millions of Apple Watches by now. This can’t be confirmed yet since Apple has yet to release the official figures, but assuming it is true, those are some impressive sales figures especially when compared to the likes of Android Wear devices.However interestingly enough it seems that despite the alleged millions sold, interest in the device based […]

Apple Removes The iPod From Their Website’s Top Menu

It used to be that one of Apple’s most in-demand items was the iPod, at least until the iPhone came around and proved that you could have an iPod, a phone, and a browsing device all in one. Now it seems that Apple could be ready to call it quits on the iPod, or at least position it in such a way that it will no longer be one of […]

iPod Range To Receive Refresh (Rumor)

It does not look as though Apple is working on making their iPod range expand any further, as current trends do seem to offer fewer and fewer new iPod models, for the simple reason that a portable media player is out of fashion now, taking into consideration how a device like that of a smartphone will be able to get the job done – and then some. Well, one ought […]

iPod Classic iPhone Cover Concept Is Pretty Cool

Apple has a Smart Cover designed for the iPad that basically protects the screen of the tablet and wakes it up when you open. We’re sure many are wondering why doesn’t Apple offer something similar for the iPhone, but we guess that’s what concept renders are for, right? Thanks to designer Claudio Gomboli, he has recently shown off a concept render for the iPhone that brings back some pretty fond […]

Apple Lucky Bag Event For Japan Kicks Off January 2nd

Each year Apple conducts a special retail store event for people who are based in Japan. The event actually stems from the tradition known as Fukubukuro where retailers will fill a bag with mysterious products and sell that bag for a lot less than the original price, customers only get to know what’s inside the bag once they’ve purchased it. Apple follows this tradition and has given away MacBooks and iPads […]