ipodfamilyThe iWatch has been rumored about for a while now and a recent trademark filing has only fueled the rumors and speculation. Now based on what we know so far, the device is meant to be some kind of smartwatch with a health-focus. This is thanks to Apple’s hiring of health experts, not to mention rumors of a Healthbook app all seem to point in that direction.

However is it possible that Apple could be pushing for the iWatch to eventually replace the iPod lineup? Given that they’re both very different devices, does that even make sense? Well according to a research note from analyst Christopher Caso from Susquehanna Financial Group, he believes that the iWatch could eventually be what replaces the iPod.

He also expects that Apple will not be making any iPod-related announcements or updates this year, but then again Apple has been somewhat neglecting its iPod lineup for a while now and we haven’t really seen anything new or exciting yet. Given that many of us use our phones to play music, a separate MP3 player really does not seem very necessary these days.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has also admitted that sales of the iPod are on the decline, but to replace the iPod with the iWatch seems like a strange move, unless of course Apple plans on using the size of the iWatch to mimic devices like the iPod nano which appears to be a favorite amongst fitness enthusiasts namely due to its small size and relatively affordable price tag, but what do you guys think? Will there ever come the day that Apple forsakes its iPod lineup?

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