JBL Launches Everest Elite 100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

[CES 2016] When it comes to active noise cancellation, most of the time you tend to find them on headphones, and less on earbuds. However if you are more of an earbuds kind of listener, JBL has you covered as the company has announced their latest pair of headphones: the JBL Everest Elite 100. These are a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that will pack active noise cancellation. For those […]

JBL Reflect Response BT And JBL S210BT Deliver Gesture Controls

There is value in being the first in the world to achieve something – it shows the rest of the market on how you happen to be a pioneer in your particular department. Having said that, who would have thought that controllers would have ventured beyond the realm of conventional buttons – as both the JBL Reflect Response BT and the JBL S210BT are touted to be the first in […]

OnePlus And JBL Announce E1+ Headphones

Just yesterday we reported that OnePlus and JBL had something to announce, and sure enough they did. If you were hoping for a set of Bluetooth speakers or maybe a phone that packs JBL’s technology under the hood, you would be disappointed. However if you’re in the market for a pair of new headphones, you will be pleased to learn that the announcement is indeed for a pair of headphones. […]

OnePlus And JBL Team Up To Announce Something Soon

We know there are probably quite a few of you guys out there who might be concerned about the audio quality coming from their speakers, headphones, or even mobile devices, which is why you might be interested to learn that OnePlus and JBL seem to have some kind of announcement that they will be making in the next 8 hours or so.


JBL Wave Guide Technology Sends Music In Your Direction

JBL has been a mainstay in the world of audio technology for a fair number of years already, and this time around, their LSR305 speakers delivered some pretty impressive results for your ears. The LSR305 happens to be an entry level model for JBL’s new 3-series of consumer-grade monitors, where it boasts of a pocket friendly price point of $150 thereabouts for each speaker. The individual speakers are self powered, […]

JBL Pulse LED Speaker Targets Music Lovers

When was the first time that you opened up a music playback software or app and was mesmerized by the visualizer? Well, rave parties in the 1990s certainly had plenty of such visuals being projected onto a huge screen in a night club, and it certainly went well with the music that was being played along with all the booze that you have already guzzled down. Audio specialists JBL has […]

Harman JBL Professional PRX700 Series Portable Loudspeakers

When you have names like Harman and JBL come together, you know for sure that your ears are in for a treat. In fact, the next generation in JBL’s PRX portable PA line, simply known as the PRX700 Series, will be able to deliver improvements in terms of power, SPL and connectivity. The PRX700 Series will comprise of seven new models in total, and they are the PRX710 which is […]

JBL Brings Five New Audio Accessories To CES

[CES 2013] If you’re looking for some new audio accessories in your life this year, especially if you’re the owner of an iOS device with a Lightning connector, then you might want to take a look at the lineup JBL will be bringing to CES next week. The products JBL will be showing off at CES range in use and price, such as the JBL Charge, which is a Bluetooth speaker […]

JBL Lightning-Enabled Speaker Docks Revealed

Folks who picked up the iPhone 5 should know that with this latest smartphone from Cupertino, there would be plenty more money flowing out from your pockets as you start to look out for new accessories that will take advantage of the Lightning connector on your iPhone 5. Well, audio specialist JBL does not want you to wait too long, having just announced the first wave of Lightning-enabled speaker docks […]

JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker heads for Nokia smartphones

Nokia has teamed up with famed audio company JBL to come up with a tantalizing array of audio accessories, where the first fruits of the collaboration has resulted in the JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker. This new pair of speakers will definitely conjure up memories of the NFC-enabled Nokia Play 360° portable speakers that were released sometime last year. Sporting bright colors in a cylindrical design, the JBL PlayUp Portable […]

JBL Soundfly speaker hits the FCC

If you’re a fan of portable speakers like the Jawbone Jambox, you might want to check out JBL’s upcoming offering – the JBL Soundfly. Recently spotted at the FCC, the Soundfly is a portable Bluetooth speaker that plugs directly into an AC outlet. While this means you won’t have to deal with any cables, it also means that you’ll have limited choices when it comes to choosing where to mount […]

Tim McGraw Artist Series Headphones by JBL and Harman

After the massive success that the Beats by Dre headphones were, it seems that now country singers are dropping their name in the hat for the same reason. Tim McGraw is the latest celebrity to put his name on a pair of headphones. The country singer collaborated with JBL and Harman to come up with his version of headphones that plays audio “how he wants the fans to hear him”. […]

JBL OnBeat Xtreme speaker dock available now

Remember the OnBeat iPad speaker dock from JBL that was released earlier this year? Well, it looks like JBL has decided to release a sequel to the funky looking speaker dock. This time around it’s called the OnBeat Xtreme and features a significant update: A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profile support for interference-free operating and higher-quality AAC codec for superior audio streaming. This opens up the OnBeat Xtreme to a whole […]

JBL unveils Jembe desktop speakers

JBL has recently unveiled a new set of desktop speakers called the JBL Jembe. As you can tell, this is named after percussion instrument, the Djembe, although unlike the instrument itself, we do not recommend that go about beating on these set of speakers.