JBL Boombox Portable Speakers Launched With 24 Hours Battery Life
#IFA2017 – If you’re in the market for a new set of Bluetooth speakers, but you wanted something with a bit more oomph in terms of sound, obviously getting those tiny pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers aren’t the way to go about it. In fact just recently JBL has taken the wraps off a new Bluetooth speaker in the form of the JBL Boombox.

JBL Unveils Jr. Headphones Designed For Kids In Mind
#IFA2017 – There are some parents who argue that giving headphones to your kids is a bad idea because it could damage their hearing. Perhaps kids at a younger age might not realize that listening to music or watching videos at high volumes can have a permanent effect on their hearing.

JBL LINK Speakers Announced With Google Assistant Integration
#IFA2017 – While it did take Apple a while before they decided to open up Siri to third-party developers, companies like Amazon and Google wasted no time, which probably allowed them to get a headstart when it came to third-party devices that came bundled with either Alexa or Google Assistant.

JBL Pulse 3 Bluetooth Speakers Unveiled, As Just Colorful As Ever
[CES 2017] The JBL Pulse speaker was originally announced a few years ago. It was then followed up by the JBL Pulse 2 which featured a similar design with the addition of being splashproof. Now at CES 2017, the folks at JBL are back and they have unveiled their latest Pulse offering in the form of the JBL Pulse 3.


Motorola Giving Free JBL SoundBoost Module To Moto Z Force DROID Buyers
One of the highlights of the Moto Z lineup would be its support for Moto Mods, which are basically modular accessories for the handset that allows users to change up certain features of their phone. One of those modules is the JBL SoundBoost mod that basically improves upon the sound quality of your phone.

HTC Giving Away JBL Headphones With HTC 10 Purchase
If you’re looking for a reason to purchase the HTC 10 instead of the other flagships that were released in 2016 so far, HTC might have a pretty compelling reason. The company has recently launched a new promotion which will see them giveaway a pair of JBL headphones if you were to purchase a HTC 10 handset.

JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C Earbuds Are Expensive And Finally Available
HTC and JBL announced a new premium audio product back when the former’s flagship handset – the HTC 10 – was unveiled earlier this year in April. At that time they did not provide any pricing or availability information about the JBL Reflect Aware C USB Type-C earbuds. Several months after the handset was released we are now being told how much JBL’s new premium earbuds cost and when they […]

HTC And JBL Launch Noise Cancelling USB Type-C Earphones
Earlier today HTC unveiled its new flagship smartphone and it’s touting premium audio as one of the selling points of this product. Premium audio requires a similar accessory to provide users with the ultimate experience and HTC aims to achieve that with JBL. It has partnered with the audio firm to launch a pair of new USB Type-C noise cancelling earphones.

JBL Legend CP100 CarPlay/Android Auto Head Unit Available Feb 14
Not all of us are fortunate or rich enough to buy the latest cars, which means that for many of us, we will be “missing out” on newer car infotainment systems like Android Auto or CarPlay. Thankfully there are aftermarket units that we can buy, like JBL’s Legend CP100. The unit was announced at CES last month, and now we have a release date to look forward to.

JBL Launches Everest Elite 100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
[CES 2016] When it comes to active noise cancellation, most of the time you tend to find them on headphones, and less on earbuds. However if you are more of an earbuds kind of listener, JBL has you covered as the company has announced their latest pair of headphones: the JBL Everest Elite 100.These are a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that will pack active noise cancellation. For those unfamiliar […]

JBL Reflect Response BT And JBL S210BT Deliver Gesture Controls
There is value in being the first in the world to achieve something – it shows the rest of the market on how you happen to be a pioneer in your particular department. Having said that, who would have thought that controllers would have ventured beyond the realm of conventional buttons – as both the JBL Reflect Response BT and the JBL S210BT are touted to be the first in […]

OnePlus And JBL Announce E1+ Headphones
Just yesterday we reported that OnePlus and JBL had something to announce, and sure enough they did. If you were hoping for a set of Bluetooth speakers or maybe a phone that packs JBL’s technology under the hood, you would be disappointed. However if you’re in the market for a pair of new headphones, you will be pleased to learn that the announcement is indeed for a pair of headphones.Both […]

OnePlus And JBL Team Up To Announce Something Soon
We know there are probably quite a few of you guys out there who might be concerned about the audio quality coming from their speakers, headphones, or even mobile devices, which is why you might be interested to learn that OnePlus and JBL seem to have some kind of announcement that they will be making in the next 8 hours or so.

JBL Wave Guide Technology Sends Music In Your Direction
JBL has been a mainstay in the world of audio technology for a fair number of years already, and this time around, their LSR305 speakers delivered some pretty impressive results for your ears. The LSR305 happens to be an entry level model for JBL’s new 3-series of consumer-grade monitors, where it boasts of a pocket friendly price point of $150 thereabouts for each speaker. The individual speakers are self powered, […]