#IFA2017 – There are some parents who argue that giving headphones to your kids is a bad idea because it could damage their hearing. Perhaps kids at a younger age might not realize that listening to music or watching videos at high volumes can have a permanent effect on their hearing.

Now if you’re a parent worried about their kids using headphones, then you might want to consider JBL’s latest offerings which comes in the form of the JBL Jr. headphone lineup. These are headphones designed for kids in mind and will come in wired and wireless versions, with one of the key features being that it will keep the volume at supposed “safe” levels.

According to JBL, “The JBL Safe Sound feature ensures volume maxes out at 85dB, keeping audio at safe levels for little ears.” This means that even if they crank up the volume it will never go beyond 85dB, so parents can rest assured knowing that it won’t damage their child’s hearing in the long run.

The headphones have also been designed to be comfortable and will feature a soft-padded adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups. They have also been designed to be relatively rugged, so parents won’t have to worry about their child wrecking the headphones, or at least not immediately. If this is something you might be interested in, the wireless version of the headphones will retail for €50 while the wired version will go for €25, and both are expected to be available this September.

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